+ ROUND TWO USA 'Here's Hoping' teabox - SIGNUPS now CLOSED for round two! USA only

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CelebriTEA said

If this ever goes to a “Round 3”
I would be interested in joining.

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So I officially sent the box out today after being packed up for 2 days ready to go… :/ I will send tracking number to Shelley_Loraine and Teasipper tomorrow morning after work. :) I left it in my car and its about time for bed as I get up at 3Am for work. I hope everyone enjoys my additioms to the box!

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I got the box today! so excited. I am in desperate need of new teas to try.

BrewTEAlly Sweet was so kind to include some German candies for me as well as some odd looking colorful squishy things. I wasn’t quite sure the latter was edible, but going with curious cat-like instinct rather than human rationality, I ate one before attempting to research the matter further. Lucky for me, they are tasty squishy
things :) Thanks BrewTEAlly (^.^)

Pictures, of course :D


LOL! Squishy things!

well, apparently they are marshmallows or, rather, Chamollows, which I mistakenly read as Chamomile at first, so I was very confused…. lol

omg, i just have to say now that those Fruchte Bavaria Bonbons are soooo yummy! I don’t generally like hard candies, but these are an exception. I looked all over for a vender that would ship to the US, but no luck! I know what I’m stocking up on first chance I get in Germany. :D

Germandeli.com :) should fufill every german craving :)

Aww gee, I was so excited. . . but looks like they’re out of stock. :( Go figure the one candy I’m looking for is the only one with a red out-of-stock banner. Oh well, at least I know there is a source and an unfortunately large selection to get me hooked on other stuff too. haha.

Ya its a pretty dangerous site!

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Good news, I’m just about done with the box! I’ve sampled everything that I intended to sample, just need to decide what I want to keep and add. I’m definitely keeping the Heritage Gyokuro sample, but I’m saving that one for when I have time to really enjoy it.

I don’t have time to get to the post office before friday, but it will definitely go out on friday.

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The box is on its way to QueenOfTarts

I sampled:
Berries ’n Cream – Persimmon Tree
Ti Kwan Yin – Georgia Tea co.
Tripple Cup Green – Mark T. Wendell
Northern Wilds – Verdant
Master Hans Wild-Picked Yunnan Black – Verdant
Strawberry Vanilla No. 961 – Tin Roof Teas
Seed Harvest – Handmade Teas
21st Century Tea – Mountain Rose Herbs
Houjicha Amber – Obubu Tea

I removed from the box:
Sencha Fuka-midori – Den’s Tea
Hand Picked Autumn Tieguanyin – Verdant
Organic Peppermint Three Root Tea – Nature’s Tea Leaf
Mrs. Li’s Shi Feng Dragonwell – Verdant
Kurihara Family Heritage Gyokuro

I Added:
Macaron – Mariage Freres
Wedding Imperial – Mariage Freres
Hong Jing Luo – thepuriTea
Organic Breakfast – Harney&Sons
Manitou Mist – Whispering Pines
Bai Mu Dan White – Verdant
Makaibari Darjeeling – Della Terra
Moroccan Mint – Arbor Teas
Strawberry Black – NM Tea Co.

Aw man, I would have loved to try those Mariage Freres!

moraiwe said

I’m just hoping they make it to me! :9

They were special requests by QueenOfTarts. If she doesn’t take them out entirely, there should be enough to go around for 4+ samples of each.

Sorry though Stephanie! I hate when i see awesome teas go into a box after me. I gave up all of the Wedding Imperial, but if you want to swap for the Macaron sometime, let me know (its my fav. of the two ;) )

Definitely Shelley_Lorraine :)

moraiwe said

Is there a way we could work out a trade for a couple cups of macaron? :x

haha moraiwe, sure can. ill message you,

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Received the box today! :) Can’t wait to try some of these teas.

Updated with what I’ve removed and what I’ve added!

1 Green Tea & Raspberry teabag
1 chamomile teabag
1 magnolia puerh teabag
1 pumpkin spice chai tea bag
Macaron – Mariage Freres
Wedding Imperial – Mariage Freres
Hong Jing Luo – thepuriTea
Poire Cream – Upton (only a cup’s worth left)
1 organic african nectar teabag
1 better morning blend teabag
Coconut Cream Pie – 52Teas
Vicky’s Sponge Cake – Bluebird Tea Co
Enchanted Narnia – Bluebird Tea Co
Pumpkin Spice Rooibos – Tealux (only a cup’s worth left)
Toasted Sesame – Adagio (only a cup’s worth left)

Graveyard Mist – 52 Teas

1 Afternoon Tea teabag – Lupicia
1 Paradise Green teabag – Lupicia
1 Jardin Sauvage teabag – Lupicia
1 Yume teabag – Lupicia
1 Grenada teabag – Lupicia
1 Muscat teabag – Lupicia
Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie – Della Terra
Three Friends – Butiki Teas
1 Pomegranate Oolong teabag- Harney & Sons
1 Royal Wedding teabag – Harney & Sons
Currantly Cordial – Serendipitea
Jasmine Golden Yunnan – thepuritea
Matcha Kirara RIce Tea – Lupicia
Coquelicot Gourmand – Dammann Freres
Monkey Chops – Bluebird Tea Co
Charlotte au Chocolat – Dammann Freres
Turtle Cheesecake – 52 Teas
Sweet Temptation – Tsaa
Quangzhou Milk Oolong – DavidsTea
Earl Grey Cream – Zen Tea
Lost Malawi – Rare Tea Co
Yu Lu Yan Cha Black – Verdant Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearls – TeaVivre

Box will go out Monday! :)

wow, that was fast! amazing that wyoming ships out so quickly, but receiving stuff takes an extra day or two b/c the mail people here don’t feel like delivering right away. lol.

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Oh my gosh! All of you have been so fast with this teabox! I hope everyone is taking enough time to enjoy! All of the lists of additions to the box have been lovely – I want to try 99% of those teas. :D

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Just so this updated, QueenOfTarts sent me a message saying that the box was mailed on the 18th.

moraiwe said

Yep! Tracking says it should get to me on the 21st :)

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moraiwe said

Teabox showed up today! YAY!

I’m probably not going to be as quick as the speedsters in front of me (with the holiday next week and all), but I’ll try not to be long with the box. :)

No problem with taking longer – I can’t believe it went to five people in a month! I’m a little worried there will be more of a chance for the box to get lost around holiday mailing time anyway. So many more packages!

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moraiwe said

Just as an update, I’m about 3/4 the way through the box and will have it back on the move sometime late this week or the weekend at the latest!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

I’m going to be out of town all weekend and don’t want the box to sit out in the rain/snow, could you wait a few days and drop it in the mail Saturday? That will give you a few extra days to work through everything :)

moraiwe said

I can absolutely do that! :D

Great, thank you!

moraiwe said

Some life stuff came up over the weekend, and I wasn’t able to get that out on Saturday. So Monday for sure. Sorry about that!

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