+ ROUND TWO USA 'Here's Hoping' teabox - SIGNUPS now CLOSED for round two! USA only

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I have faith that Veronica & the post office will be able to get this teabox back here (but PLEASE keep tasting as long as you want to, Veronica! No rush!) and it looks like yappychappy isn’t responding to messages right now, so…

Signups for round three have started in this thread:

Anyone who has already participated in rounds one or two are welcome to sign up again, but if you don’t sign up in that thread, I will assume you aren’t interested in round three. I’m not sending messages to people asking if they are interested in another round this time. It’s fine if anyone wants to skip this round, you’re more than welcome to join next time!

It might still be a while before round three is ready to go, but I wanted to start the signups process now. thank you everyone who has kept the teabox going! I’m impressed this has survived so well for two rounds!

My plan is to have the box ready to mail to Teasipper on Friday. I haven’t heard from yappychappy either, so I’m assuming he’s passing this time.

I’m having a great time with the box. It’s great getting to try so many new-to-me teas.

Sounds good :D

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The box is heading to Tea Sipper in New York!

I sampled a lot of teas from the box. You can check out my tea notes to read all about it. The teas I have yet to review are:

Teavivre – Taiwan Jin Xuan Milk Oolong Tea (sample)
Tavalon – Summer Fruits
California Tea House – White Melon Yogurt
Handmade Teas – Seed Harvest
Lupica – Grapefruit Green (last tsp.)
Lucky Shing – Noni (teabag)
Tulsi – cinnamon Rose (teabag)

Teas that were sipdowns:
Upton – Maracuja
52 Teas – Coconut Cheesecake Honeybush
Our Sweet Earth – Victorian Vanilla
Culinary Teas – Sugar Plum Spice
Verdant – Yu Lu Yan Cha
Art of Tea – Cinnamon Fig

Teas I removed from the box:
The Tea House – Sweet Apple
Teavivre – Milk Oolong (flavored)
Cameron’s – Green Passion
Whittard of Chelsea – Darjeeling

I also removed two teas I added the last time I had the box (Harney and Sons’ Black Currant and Art of Tea’s White Jasmine Tipped). I felt they should be removed due to age.

Teas I added:
Verdant – Laoshan Black
52 Teas – Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha
52 Teas – Cotton Candy
52 Teas – Graveyard Mist
Design a Tea – Ice Wine
Design a Tea – Pear Spice
Rishi – Pu-erh Ginger
Fusion – Key Lime Ceylon
Fusion – Lemon Rose Bud
Della Terra – Caramel Cream
Della Terra – Eight Candles

Thank you to everyone who participated! It was great to have the opportunity to try so many new teas.

I’m glad you found so many good ones (and added to many good ones!) Not sure why Yappychappy didn’t respond again but I’m looking forward to the teabox!

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Teabox is back! Ton of awesome teas I want to try! I will write the list of final teas up here shortly….

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Here’s the final list of teas in the teabox for round #2 when it made it back. Almost 100 teas!

52Teas – Malted Chocomate
52Teas – Turtle Cheesecake Black
52Teas – Chocolate Bacon
52Teas – Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha
52Teas – Cotton Candy
52Teas – Graveyard Mist
Little Red Cup – Keemun
Teavivre – Superfine Taiwan Qing Xing Dong Ding Oolong
Tavalon – Summer Fruits
California Tea House – White Melon Yogurt
Handmade Tea – Seed Harvest
Handmade Tea – Blueberry Lemon
River Tea – Spring Oolong (raspberry)
Lucky Shing – Noni
Cameron’s – Black Currant
SerendipiTEA – Monk’s Mead
SerendipiTEA – Currantly Cordial
SerenpidiTEA – Chocolate A-Peel
Simpson & Vail – Gingerbread
Raizana Teas – Happy Tea
Teasenz – Ginseng Oolong
Ashby’s of London – White Blueberry
Alokozay – Green Ceylon
Culinary Teas – Elderberry
Tea Forte – Sweet Orange Spice (black)
Tea Forte – Bombay Chai
Tea Forte – Hazelnut Truffle
Tea Forte – Blueberry Merlot
Vykasa – Orange Jasmine Black Tea
The Tea Nation – Mango Whiten
David’s Tea – Blue Lagoon
David’s Tea – Sleigh Ride
David’s Tea – Mango Lassi
Adagio – Minecraft Creeper
Adagio – Blueberry
Adagio – Earl grey Moonlight (2)
Adagio – Pu’erh Tahiti
Adagio – Green Cherry
Adagio – Yerba Mate
Adagio – Summer Rose
Adagio – White Pear
Adagio – Christmas
Adagio – Artichoke Green
Adagio – Apple
Tea District – Acai Berry Raspberry Green
Tea District – Organic Wild Rose White Tea
Ahmad – Cardamom Black
Verdant – Bai Mu Dan White
Verdant – Laoshan Black
Zhi Tea – White Shizandra
Davidson’s Herbal Cranberry Orange
Design A Tea – Pear Spice
Design A Tea – Ice Wine
Kim’s Homemade Chai
Rishi – Pu-erh Ginger
Rishi – Earl Grey Lavender
Mighty Leaf – Wild Blossoms & Berries
Shirakata – Japanese Green Tea Sencha
Pekko Teas – Nuwara Eliya Courtlodge
Jamestown Special Teas – Hibiscus
Tea Attic – Tea Clinic: Immunity
Tian Hu Shan – Rose Ti Kuan Yin
Tin Roof Teas – Japanese Gojiberry
Dori’s Tea Cottage – Pomegranate
Harney & Sons – Birthday Tea – Decaf Black
Harney & Sons – Super Blue Lavender
Harney & Sons – Hot Cinnamon Spice
Harney & Sons – Decaf Darjeeling
The Tea Place – Jasmine White Tipped
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Red Lavender
Zhena’s Gypsy Tea – Coconut Chai
English Tea Store – Lapsang Souchong
Della Terra – Cotton Candy Rooibos
Della Terra – Key Lime Pie
Della Terra – Eight Candles
Della Terra – Caramel Cream
Fusion Teas – Lemon Rose Bud
Fusion Teas – Key Lime Ceylon
Fusion Teas – Good Morning Mate
Georgia Tea Co – Ti Kwan Yin
Persimmon Tree Tea Co – Lotus
Tealish – Creamy Caramel
Den’s Tea – Sencha Fukamidori (2)
Den’s Tea – Genmaicha extra green with matcha
Tea Xotics – Jungle Monkey Chai
Teavana – Lavender Dreams
Utopia – Toffee Chocolate Hazelnut
New Mexico Tea Co – Strawberry Black
Wild Tea Qi – Green Jade
Korean Barley Tea
Simpson & Vail – Green Blue Mist
Red Blossom Tea Co – Huang Zhi Xiang – Orange Blossom
Butiki – Organic Decaf Korakundah
Celestial Seasonings – Morning Thunder Mate
Republic of Tea – Comfort & Joy
Something unlabeled in a baggie – looks like black tea with coconut

Only a few wrapped tea bags!

moraiwe said

The White Shizandra came from Zhi Tea and the Green Blue Mist came from Simpson & Vail. I think BrewTEAllySweet put them in, but I had traded them to her before, so I recognize those

oh thanks Moraiwe – I’ll write that on the bags.

moraiwe said

No problem! I figured it’d help whomever when logging :)

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