Simple Loose Leaf | New Tea Collections and Tea Clubs

We have introduced two new product types over at Simple Loose Leaf, Tea Collections and Tea Clubs.

Our Tea Collections are “pre-built” custom tea subscriptions exactly like what customers can build for themselves. We put the Tea Collections together to give folks ideas about how they can build their own tea plans. Also, they are a great way to give someone holiday gift ideas.

Our Tea Clubs are a more traditional “Tea of the Month” club where for a flat price members receive new teas every month. All of our clubs include free shipping (U.S. only for the moment). Also something that we are doing with our Tea Clubs, every single tea comes in it’s own reusable 4 oz. metal tin. As a side note, the tins are square for efficient storage.

Take a look at our new Collections and Clubs at or email us at [email protected].

EDIT: Adjusted title to more accurately reflect content of post.

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