Hugo Tea: Re-Crafted

Hello Steepster Friends & Family,

There isn’t so much to say, except: Our fancy-pants website has been re-crafted and re-launched, along with our teas, tea-ware, and other ins-and-outs.

I’m not going to belabor the point on this post, but I will post the link:

Your are cordially invited. I’m giddy for your thoughts, ideas, and questions. Does it suit your fancy?

Balloons Away!

Tyler, Hugo Tea Company

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Cavocorax said

I like the new look. It’s very clean and easy to navigate, while still having some personality. It also looks good on my mobile browser. :)

I love the tea descriptions as well – whoever does your write-ups really earns their money – they makes me curious about the tea! (Because sometimes I buy a tea for the tea itself, and sometimes I get sucked into how I think drinking the tea will make me feel!)

Are you out of Morning’s Journey?

That was my question as well. I love Morning’s Journey.

The website is very cool!

Oh Morning’s Journey. Yes—it’s gone for a while. There were some supply issues. We are moving toward getting all of our teas direct-from-origin (rather than using importers). Unfortunately we couldn’t get this done in the case of Morning’s Journey. :-(.

That said, Full-Steam is similar albeit more malty/chocolaty. Full-Steam is also, frankly, a high quality leaf.

Cavocorax said

Thanks for letting us know. Full Steam sounds intriguing!

You are very welcome.

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gee, too bad I don’t like earl grey. It’s description suits my default mood the best. :p

Awesome website. clean, simple, and a dash of amusing.

Ah, Grey-Line. I share your sentiments about Earl Grey—but I have found myself drinking it every-so-often in lieu of Full-Steam (like when I want something with more bite).

Thanks for the kind works. We worked quite hard crafting the language.

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Uniquity said

I like the main page, it is very clean and easy to navigate. I did notice when I looked at the Shop page ( the font is very difficult to read, on this computer at least. I am at work with Windows XP and an up to date version of chrome, but I am having a hard time deciphering the description.

Otherwise it all looks good. Best of luck!

Thanks for your thoughts. That is something that we had noticed during testing. Certainly we will get around to changing that font to something more legible. Rest assured it doesn’t have anything to do with your system.


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