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tealogging personal blends/recipes

My daily brew is a blend of two different teas with a mixture of whole spices. I’m half Indian and it’s my family chai recipe, I wouldn’t mind sharing it with the world because I’ve never made it for a person who didn’t say it was the best cup of tea they’ve ever had. How does one go about adding a recipe like this to the tealog.

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If you wanted to add your own, it would just be like adding a new tea to a company, but instead of putting a company down where it says ‘Company Name’ you could put ‘Various’ or even ‘Personal Recipe’ and start a new entry for everyone to use. I’d recommend a name for it like ‘Basileus’ Personal Chai’ or something so it would be easier for other members here to find.
Then just put your recipe in the ‘Tea Info’ box and post it.

I look forward to seeing it since my Mom is a huge chai lover. She also makes her own, but is always open to trying new ones.

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