joymetzger said

New to teas and wondering about organic?

I’m new to teas since my cancer surgery and in remission. Doc recommends drinking alot of green teas and eating healthy. I read on that those with “natural flavorings” should be avoided and only buy organic (loose leaf). does anyone recommend a tea company (other than Numi and Rishi)? thanks for your help. I just purchased a Breville Tea Maker!

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Congrats on remission! Verdant teas is a good one. Here’s a little blub about their practices

joymetzger said

Thank you so much for the congrats and great referral! Their tea looks awesome. i will definitely try some. I am new at this and any help is greatly appreciated.

Confetti said

If you’re interested in organic Japanese green teas, O-Cha is a great source. Verdant only sells Chinese tea and not many greens. Check out Yuuki-cha, too.

joymetzger said

thank you for the great suggestions!

One of the very first places I ever purchased loose tea from was Arbor Teas, so this company will always be a favorite of mine and one that I love to recommend for organic teas. they have lots of green teas and they are all organic. yay. :)

I also recommend The Tea Spot, which gives part of the proceeds to various cancer programs (the owner is a cancer survivor). The Tea Spot doesn’t sell exclusively organic, but they have an organic section with a decent selection. Incidentally, this is the other “first” company that I ordered from (I ordered from both around the same time)

Heh, writing this post reminds me that I haven’t actually ordered from either of these places recently, I’ve gotten so caught up in all the more trending companies on Steepster :p haha, there are just too many good places to spend all my money at.

joymetzger said

Thank you for the recommendations! I loved those that you mentioned. How do you find the “more trending companies on Steepster”? I still a newbie and trying to get more involved.

hehe, after a few months on the forums noticing the same 5 or so companies mentioned almost every day. Off the top of my head: Verdant, TeaVivre, Della Terra, Davids Teas, Butiki Teas.

Della Terra and Davids focus mostly on flavored teas, not all organic and not all natural flavors either, but popular nonetheless.

Butiki is one of my favorites. All of their teas are vegan.

joymetzger said

Thanks again for helping! I’m sure you’re right. After a few months I’ll be a pro. I ordered some loose leaf from Numi and found out it’s backordered. I’m so anxious to get experienced:(

Lala said has a large variety of teas, many of them are organic.

joymetzger said

Thank you so much.

LuckyMe said

Numi and O-Cha are great sources for organic tea. Arbor teas has a good selection of organic teas though I found them a bit expensive. Recently ordered from Yukku-Cha, another Japanese tea store. Limited selection but everything is organic.

joymetzger said

Thank you. I will check out Yukku-Cha. Everyone is being so helpful. This is a great site.

cteresa said

These are all organic – from a small old plantation in the azores. Not a lot of choice, but all nice and I think very reliably organic.

joymetzger said

I cannot seem to get into the website. I will try again later. Thank you.

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