Keep me from sitting by myself at Verdant Sunday morning

My husband and I are going out of town this weekend for our 5th anniversary and we’re heading to Minneapolis. I’m absolutely excited since I’ve never been to Minnesota before and this will knock off one of the few states I haven’t visited yet.

I may have had an ulterior motive when I chose our destination. I want to visit the Verdant Tasting Room. My plan is to visit Verdant Sunday morning around 8am while my husband is at church.

If any of you are free, come have a cup of tea with me.

If you happen to have any suggestions on where I should have dinner Saturday night they would be appreciated. I’m looking for something nice, but not something we’ll have to dress up for.

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Dinosara said

Wish I could! I so want to visit the tasting room. Have fun!

Wish you could come by! If you’re ever passing through Minnesota, I hope we get a chance to meet and share tea.

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I love the Twin Cities and would be there in a heartbeat if I could. Enjoy, it is one of my favorite pair of cities

The Twin Cities have been such a fun place to open a Tasting Room – amazing people coming in as new customers and fantastic businesses excited to work together on fun collaborations and partnering on delicious projects. If you’re ever in town, let us know! We’d love to share tea with you

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ashmanra said

I am too far away or I would try to go! My niece lives there, though. I wonder if I could talk her into trying tea? :D

That would be fun! We’ve had so many folks come in to try tea for the first time, and it’s been fun to see folks quickly turn into regulars and full-blown tea lovers :) If you’re niece is ever up for trying something new, we could definitely help her pick out teas she’d enjoy. Otherwise, we like to keep things accessible and inviting with fun offerings like Tea+Ice Cream concoctions with Sweet Science Ice Cream, our micro-brewed chai, even kombucha on tap and Soba Noodles!

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Take pictures :):):):) I wish I could and I wish I lived so close!

My husband made me promise not to bring my camera. I’m a photographer and this is suppose to be a mini-vacation, but I’ll snap a few cell phone pics.

If you’re ever visiting the Midwest, we’d love to see you!

I would love to… But I don’t see that happening anytime soon unfortunately:/

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MissLena said

I’ve totally been thinking of planning a vacation to Minnesota purely to visit the Verdant tea room too, especially since my bf has a plane ticket with US airways to use up! If I lived near there, I certainly would show up, I would probably spend tons of time there :) but alas, I’m in Western Canada haha, a bit far away unfortunately :( post pics on Steepster though!

I’m actually glad I don’t live here. Being so close to Verdant would be hard on my pocket book, I’d be practically living there.

We’d love to see you if you ever make a trip to the Land of 10,000 Lakes! Fall’s a great time to visit.. apple orchards, fall leaves, perfect tea drinking weather ;)

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I have to say that I’m having a great time, even if I am sitting by myself. Seems like everyone I talked to was busy today, even my local friends.

No worries though, I’m sitting here enjoying a cup of Zhu Rong Yunnan Black and eating a Chai spiced doughnut.

I’ll have photos for everyone once I get home.

ashmanra said

Squeeee! Have a blast, and post pics!

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I just posted a review and lots of photos on my blog, so feel free to check it out.

ifjuly said

man oh man that donut is downright pornographic. so jealous you got to go!

ashmanra said

They had Munchkin??? Oh man, that is my kind of place – have a cup of great tea and don the Pantyhose of Giant Strength.

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Meg said

Looks amazing!
Thanks for the pictures and review!

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Did you check out TeaSource while you were there?

I didn’t get a chance to this time around, but that gives me something to do next visit.

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Wow!! Thank you so much for stopping by, Short Sorceress. I’m so sorry David and I weren’t around when you and your husband visited – we were out sampling chai at a fun MSP Magazine event over at TCF Bank Stadium in the University of MN across the river. Saw your tweets come in and wished we could say “Hi” in person and share a cuppa (or a round of Munchkin! XD )

Thank you for your lovely review. I agree about those dangerous donuts – the Birchwood Cafe does a fantastic job baking yummies that everyone can enjoy, and I have to put blinders on every day so that I don’t eat them all – that’s even more true with Sweet Science Ice Cream working in our kitchen and selling at the tea house. They’ll be churning batches of ice cream, and they’ll call all of us to the back with spoons so we can help them with what gets left in the churner before washing. So terribly good! It’s lucky the Tasting Room is right on the bike trails, otherwise I would have been in trouble this summer..

Thank you for sharing your anniversary with us – congratulations to both of you! If you’re ever making your way back through the Twin Cities, I hope we can meet up and chat over tea at the big board or that the timing works out for you to come to a tasting! We try to hold tea tastings on Tuesday evenings, and those should start up again in November (everything from “look at all of these new harvests that just came in – let’s try them all!” to tasting the same teas brewed up five different ways (glass, yixing, gaiwan, big mug, iced, concentrated tea shot) to more technical classes about using and taking care of different brewing vessels like gaiwans and yixing.

Thank you again for your visit and your awesome review – I hope we’ll get to see you again soon! I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed your time and that everyone on the Verdant Tea helped you to feel welcome.

We had such a wonderful time. It was a great way to start our morning before the five hour drive home. I am sorry that we missed you, but there is always next time. I’ll have to remember to message you so we can sit down and share a cup of tea when I come again.

I’m thinking that I might have to take another trip next summer so I can try out the ice cream :) I had to draw the line somewhere and eating ice cream at 8am was just a bit much for me. It was a shame because the flavors sound amazing.

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