Kaylee said

Coffee Joulies

Has anyone tried these? They’re shaped like coffee beans but I’m sure they would work equally well with tea.


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Sil select said

Those are kinda neat :)

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Lala said

I have not specifically tries these, but I have used something similar. It did keep the tea warmer for longer, but not substantially. You would be better off to put it in a good travel mug with a lid.

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SarsyPie said

It’s been awhile since this thread was started. Anyone get a chance to try these? They sure are pricey, but if they do what they say, I’d buy ’em.

I found a pretty good review about them on google. The guy got a set from the kickstarter and then did some testing in his home.
- http://www.marco.org/2011/08/10/coffee-joulies-review

SarsyPie said

Thanks so much for the link. That guy was pretty darn thorough. I’m bummed about the result tho. Oh well!

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