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I had my first David’s Tea in US today (shopped at their canadian stores before and loved it). Ordered a straight up Dragon Well to go. In a 16oz cup, I got maybe about 1 tablespoon tea. I don’t really know if I get the amount of tea right but all I know is that the tea tasted like water. If I ordered a Pu-erh or a Darjeeling, that amount of tea would have been perfect for 16oz of water. But for the floral, more delicate flavor tea like Dragon Well, the tea to water ratio should be much higher.

Next time I will ask the tea to water ratio before I order. But you would think that the tea barista should know…

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OMGsrsly said

DavidsTea’s recipe for their dragonwell is 1 tsp per 1 cup.

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Angrboda said

Was it in a cardboard cup, though? Those can ‘steal’ the flavour of a tea, I’ve found.

I think a tablespoon sounds like rather a lot. This is the sort of quantity I usually make when it’s just for myself, and I generally only use a teaspoon… O.o

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Dragonwell isn’t really a very floral tea so there might be some misunderstanding about what it should taste like. It’s known more for having a nutty, vegetal taste. I also agree with the previous comment about cardboard. It can definitely rob tea of some of its taste.

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I’ve found that to (about the cardboard) has anyone found a good disposable cup that doesn’t spoil the taste a little?

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