Cheaper loose tea for experimenting?

I’ve been trying to make tea lattes and all kinds of fun things, but in the process have had many failed attempts. I don’t want to use my good quality tea but instead find some cheaper lower quality that I could use just to get the proportions right and be ok with it not coming out right. I’m not familiar with any like this since I’m used to buying better stuff, any suggestions? I’m looking for a basic black, green, and rooibos tea.

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K S said

Twinings – English breakfast or Prince of Wales (very smooth)

Ahmad Green (way better than it has to be)
Temple of Heaven Special Gunpowder (maybe $2/4oz)

I can’t tell one from another :)

Thank you! But what’s the brand of the first green tea? The temple of heaven I found on Amazon.

Ahmad tea is the brand. Perhaps you can try popping into a local Chinese shop and browsing their tea sections for a cheap green tea?

K S said

Yep Ahmad is the brand. I was trying to come up with ideas you might find locally to avoid shipping. The trouble with local cheap tea and Amazon is you never know how long it has been sitting on the shelf

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I know a place in the UK for anyone interested, they are limited to the teas that they sell but are very cheap. Unfortunately they do not ship to USA or Canada.

For example -

100g of Rooibos (unflavoured) is only £1.61
100g of Green Tea (Sencha) is only £1.80
200g of Mate is only £1.98

Worth a check. I have tried the Rooibos and Sencha and was impressed by the quality considering the price. Of course it’s not top notch but matches most bagged teas.

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