Sneak Peak, Easy Steep Travel Tumbler Kickstarter

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I’m not sure how this works. When you pull up the metal rod attached to the steeping basket, does the basket then automatically detach and remain (securely) in the top section so that the rod can be lowered back down? Or do you have to leave the rod up while you drink?

If the steeping basket detaches, then when you drink, does the brewed tea go back thru the leaves or do you avoid that?

If those are the case, I’d definitely buy or maybe even contribute to the kick start campaign.

p.s. – I do think you need a larger infuser basket. The one showed does not seem to allow for much leaf opening and expansion.

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Yes footlong the infuser can move independently up and down the rod, so when its resting at the botton when you pull up, it will lock up inside the lid, then the rod can be dropped back down.
The infuser is crescent shaped (think a circle with about a 45 degree pie chunk missing) so when you drink water passes in between the infuser not touching the tea inside.

As for the size, the infuser basket will be bigger in the production model. It is much easier (vastly cheaper) to use plastic with metal mesh inserts then to use the production model stamped stainless steel basket. That said using my favorite full leaf oolong, i was able to make strong cups with this infuser.

Also the kickstarter page will hold more information, charts and pictures.

I like it, especially that you will have a borosilicate glass inner canister covered by a silicone sleeve. I really do hope you can go with the metal tea strainer. I’ve never loved those plastic drink tops, but realize they’re probably the only real choice. Yours is the best design for a travel tea tumbler I’ve seen yet.

Anyway, I’ve pledged $35. Good luck!! Hope to see it in stores soon.

p.s. it’s foolong, as in Fool on/Oolong the hill, not footlong, which sounds vaguely obscene.

I saw that thank you so much! i’m clicking and typing like crazy atm to spread the word!

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The Kickstarter is live! Checkout the last Travel Tumbler you’ll ever want!

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Dinosara said

Bump! Thought I’d keep this at the top of the discussions. Really want to see this happen!

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ChaMei select said

Please consider adding a tier that offers multiple tumblers with a discount perk.

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- It is actually against Kickstarter rules to offer more than 1 item in design projects. Trust me i have debated with myself on how i can do that within kickstarter rules and i would have to come up with different versions/colors of the tumbler to offer more than 1 tumbler per tier. I decided against it so that i don’t stretch my resources to thin, adding another color drastically increase my Minimum Order Quantity and complicates the initial production. My experience tells me not to do this and to focus on the 1 design at launch so that I deliver a product everyone loves instead of failing on my promises.

That said i have put in a ticket to see if they will allow me a two pack option, but its been 3 days and no response yet.

I’m surprised because I’ve seen kickstarters with more than one item offered. Then again, they’ve mostly been food items, so maybe there’s a different set of rules for that? Though I remember a board game that offered the game then packs for that game depending on the tier etc etc, and something else…Oh, food saving containers or something where they were all different sizes of container and whatnot. Since it’s the same tumbler, I’m surprised they don’t allow you to have a tier for multiples. But then, I haven’t read the rules and you have, so you’d know for sure. ^^ /shrug/

One question though. When this project gets going/finished and you’re then selling the tumbler on your site, will it be in different colors? Or will it forever be grey/black?

Initially it will be one color once i get that i will have more colors. Already have 2 others picked out.

So, if I were to contribute again, because I thought your design was so good, and wanted to see it come to fruition, rather than because I wanted a second tumbler, I wouldn’t get one? That actually makes some sense. But I actually would have made a slightly larger contribution (to the next tier) but didn’t want the other items.

What would happen if I were to contribute again under Kickstarter rules?

And, hypothetically, if one were to contribute using a different e-mail address, credit card/means of payment and delivery address, but same name, would they get a second tumbler?

I don’t need or want a second tumbler, I’d rather see your venture get up and going than get a second one, but I’m curious now the way Kickstarter works.

Actually i’ve had a few people pledge $60 for 2 tumblers though this is done through them messaging me. But if you increased your pledge to $60 ($65 if international) i would send you 2 tumblers. Its almost like an unofficial reward tier now.

I’m currently debating on adding a $60 reward tier with 2 tumblers with 1 being gift wrapped as a way to get around the rules as it does add a variation to the product however slight.

Dustin said

So if I want three, I pledge $30 three separate times?

Or pledge $90 at one time. And anyone pledging like this i’m also throwing in at least 2oz of tea, likely 4. When It’s finished ill send out a survey to find out what type of tea and to verify the all other information.

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keychange said

Pledged as well! good luck!

One question though: I pledged through amazon, and although it confirmed my billing address, it didn’t ask for or confirm a shipping address. My billing address isn’t where I want it shipped though, so I’m not quite sure what to do.

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keychange said

Whoops. Just got the confirmation email that says you’ll contact us for shipping details. Sorry!

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Yup, at the end i send out a survey that will collect all the info i need to get you your rewards.

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Some questions/requests

How about a tier with just tumbler + tea (no book)
Or an add on to get some loose leaf tea?
More info or pictures on the book or what teas you are including?

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