Kally Tea said

Everyone loves a mysTEAry!

Hi Steepsters.
We’ve been gone for a while. But we’re back!
We wanted to make an announcement of the release of our new Organic tea line. And what a better way to go about it than with a mysTEAry.
Let us explain, for every 2 ounce package of tea purchased, you will receive the same weight in Kally Tea mysTEAry Tea!
2 ounces, get 2 ounces free.
4 ounces get 4 ounces free.
6 ounces, get 6 ounces free… you get the idea.
We are so proud of our products we thought this would be a great way to let you get the taste experience from Kally Tea and stock up for the cold winter months coming our way.
So get into the mysTEAry at Kally Tea, and remember,
“Keep It Loose!”
Best to all,
Chip & Sally

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Sil select said

Kally tea has some super awesome customer service! :)

Dexter said

I already ordered tea tonight. I am so not allowed. Where was the cherry banana this summer? and pomegranate pear? Uggg….I need to stop looking….
Oh they only ship to US. I’m good, all is well….

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ssajami said

Is the web site not up? I’m getting a user/password screen? Is Kally Tea still around? Wanted to contact them to inquire about shipping…?

Angrboda said

I believe I saw recently that they had closed. Can’t remember who mentioned it, though.

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MelissaTea said

I couldn’t get in either. Then I saw that this thread was 5 months old, so they must have closed for good…???

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Sil select said

Liberteas mentioned it in a tasting note 11 days ago

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