Goji berry leaf tea Kickstarter

I found a new kickstarter that is doing Goji berry leaf tea.

uhhh, has anyone had goji leaf tea before? What does it taste like?

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Looks cool, I saw that one and this one as well: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1034832799/cat-spring-tea?ref=live

Not sure what they taste like though and my cupboards are overflowing as it is :(

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Dxniel said

I once tried growing goji berries. Didn’t really go well. All the young plants died, but I did manage to collect some fresh leaves and I tried brewing tea with it. I ate 1 leaf and it tasted bitter, but surprisingly the tea I steeped from the leaves was sweet. I can’t recall anything specific other than it tasting a bit sweet.

PS, the berries apparently are bitter as well, but when dried they become sweet.

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