Large(r) Yixing Pots

Okay I’m all for resteeping tea but sometimes I’m just in no mood to get up constantly. Do any of you have 8oz (~220cc) yixing pots? If so what have been your thoughts on them? Do you regret spending so much on them? Should I get that or a giant gaiwan instead? hmm.

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It will depend on your purpose and style of brewing. A large gaiwan traditionally was used for green tea (but other tea would be fine too) and for privately use. Paradoxically, a smaller gaiwan (80-120cc) was traditionally used for oolong and for a few people to share. So if you drink alone, either a large gaiwan or a large teapot sounds good. If you share with others, a teapot might be more convenient if you have determined the volume you want.

I drink alone most of the time and use a small teapot or gaiwan (around 100-150cc) most of the time. But I use a few larger yixing (around 300cc) for black tea and occasionally puerh. When I use a small teapot, I don’t get up constantly either. I just have all the utensils next to me :-D But as someone who sells teapots, I have to admit that I generally don’t want to deal with larger yixing. Smaller teapots are easier to transport and store for sellers.

Thank you so much. I suppose a large gaiwan would be the better idea. And this is for personal consumption. I can’t keep my tea utensils by me unfortunately.

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Will said

I have some around 200-280 ml, but they’re mostly used for brewing for large groups (6-10 people) vs. for brewing large amounts of tea. Normally, if I’m brewing more casually, I’ll use a different type of teaware.

Once in a while, I’ll use a medium sized Yixing pot for casual brewing of larger amounts of shu pu’er just for myself.

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