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Rabs said

Here are the official “D&D&Tea” rules for those who’d like to do their own home versions. Feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions, or add a question to this topic. This is the exact info that all the winners received, but feel free to adjust the numbers depending on the type of dice you have (such as the more typical 6-sided ones).

How to Play the Mystery Tea Game a.k.a. D&D&Tea:

To go by the general D&D 20-sided dice rules: the higher the roll the better. Rolling a 1 is a very bad thing. In the game it usually means that you hurt yourself and/or your friends. Now I may place a tea in a “1” packet that you absolutely adore. You could possibly detest a tea that I’ve placed in a “20” envelope. It is not my intent to offend. I have used Steepster ratings, my personal tastes, and a glance at your personal ratings to help me decide what to put into the boxes to try and make this game more accurate for your tastes.

Hardcore Playing Rules:

You may roll the dice up to three times per day and no more. If you’ve already opened the packet with the corresponding number that you’ve rolled, then that counts as a turn. If all three numbers have already been used, then that means no tea from the mystery box for that day. There may be more than one box with the same number. If that happens, then you will get to choose which one of the two (or more) boxes you’d like to open. You might also get lucky and find more than one tea in the envelope. You can chose which one will be your “required” tea to drink for that day.

You are also expected to steep and have at least one sip of whichever tea you “win” within the day that you rolled. This should help give a little wiggle room if you get a decaf/tisane first thing in the morning. However, it could be bad if it’s a black tea late at night.

If you get down to the last few teas and you haven’t rolled their number and have lost patience, then contact your Dungeon Master (Rabs) and beseech her to allow you to open a mystery tea. She will roll your options and give you the number of the packet that you may open. Due to the possible lag in response time these packets may be opened at any time, but once they are opened you must steep/sip within the day that they are opened.

Soft-core Playing Rules:

You may roll up to three teas a day. If you roll a number that’s already been selected, then you may roll as many times necessary to get an unopened packet’s number. But once three teas are selected you must desist rolling for that day.

You can sample the teas whenever you’d like or not at all. It’s up to you and your tastes.

If you roll a 20 or a 1 and there are multiple corresponding boxes, then it’s up to you whether or not you’d like to open them all at once or to wait for the next time that you get a 1 or 20.

Amorphous-core Playing Rules:

This is an option if you’d like to mix and match any aspect of the hardcore and soft-core rules. If you don’t like any of the above options, or you find them unclear, then feel free to contact your friendly DM (Rabs) with any questions.

Spencer said

Those rules are so incredibly awesome.
I think I might adopt them for a future giveaway (crediting you, of course), if this is acceptable.

Rabs said

Holy guacamole! Of course that’s totally acceptable — I’d love it if all the geeky tea-lovers played a version of my game. Thank you so very much for the compliment ::blushes::

Spencer said

Honestly, it makes me want to just put this together and play it myself for kicks and in order to choose what tea to drink!

let’s see
i am at work
i have a die
i have tea
i have a pen


modified rules
numbered 6 blacks 1-6
numbered 6 herbals 1-6
will roll a d6 in the am and a d6 in the pm each day at work!

Spencer said

Awesome use of work time!
makes a note to find his die and take it with him to work tomorrow

Rabs said

Aw yeah! My geek is overflowin’ with pride! TMI?

I think that this is the perfect way to get rid of the last bit-o-samples that you just keep overlooking or skipping. But yeah, it’s just a wee-bit fun :) Y’all enjoy!

and about to post my first roll tealog :)

Spencer said

Looks like fun! And awesome set of dice, too. I really should put a set in my backpack.

Rabs said

AmazonV: the tea cards are gorgeous, but I didn’t make them! :(

I also like your dice — I have the green and purple versions. The winners got the green ones. Dice in your bag for emergencies? Awesome.

oo that was…gmathis, gack, updating, stupid me

the crafty wrapping got me all confuzzled

Ewa select said

Wheee, thanks for posting these! I wish I actually had a roleplaying group because I am pretty sure that playing this game during a role playing session would take me to such heights of nerdery that I would spontaneously ascend to some higher geek realm. :D

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Awesome, thanks for posting!

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I’ve been having a hard time picking out what tea I want to have. I think I may have to make myself a little dice game!

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