Jroots said

whats more popular?

Which tea is more popular in Canada between Davids Tea and Metro Tea Company???

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I’ve never bought anything from MTC myself, as they seem to be a wholesaler only.

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keychange said

I’d say david’s tea, although that might just be the case in Ontario. I haven’t even heard of the Metro Tea company.

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Lala said

Metro tea company is a wholesale company but many tea stores sell their teas. Sometimes they are left labelled as metro tea company but sometimes the stores rebrand them with their own name. If you have bought tea from a local tea store (that is not a big chain), then you most likely have tried tea from metro tea company.

AJ said

Yes. If it’s a flavoured tea from an independent tea shop, there’s a pretty good chance it’s Metro. It’s very easy to identify them by just comparing tea blend names to Metro’s site (retailers rarely change the names of the individual blends).

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