calmo said

New to Steepster - is there a "best deals" area?

I like the discussion around best teas. But I’m also looking for the best deals. My enjoyment reading someone waxing poetic about a particular tea often leads me to the dealer site, where I often find it’s way too expensive. I’d much rather hear about good to great teas that are also affordable!

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Lala said

Many companies will post a discussion thread when they have a sale, so just keep watch.

Also you can try this thread where people post deals, sales and coupon codes:

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Uniquity said

I think the matter of expense is relative to budget as well. After years of drinking tea and learning my own tastes I am willing to pay more for good tea than I was as a newbie. For example, Butiki and Verdant are both (in my opinion) expensive retailers but have very nice tea. Others are lower cost but lower quality. One retailer I recommend on taste and price is Teavivre, but depending on your budget and what teas you prefer, different companies may seem more or less affordable. Often that means a lot of surfing around the various sites, but at least you’re learning! :)

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tperez said

My personal two “best value” sellers are

-Yunnan Sourcing (huge pu’er selection, but also has nicely priced blacks, greens, etc. of good quality) and

-Mountain Tea Co. (Taiwanese oolongs)

Though both are pretty specialized, so they might not have what you’re looking for

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yyz said

Do you have a particular style or type of tea you’re interested in? We may be able to offer more specific suggestions in that case. Please also take into consideration that some of the teas that may appear to be more expensive may offer better value than the cheaper ones because they can hold up to multiple re-steeps vs just one or two cups.

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Dexter said

You have to keep in mind shipping too. Some vendors have what looks like “cheap” teas but their shipping is astronomical, or others have “expensive” tea but the shipping is minimal or free. Shipping greatly influences what I consider “reasonable prices”. As others have stated, watch the sales threads. Let us know what you are looking for, and someone here will probably help you narrow your search. Welcome to the wonderful world of Steepster.

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