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I am going to try an online tea purchase for the first time, I thought I would try an order from 52 teas, what would be a must purchase. Also how much is shipping ..

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As long as you’re in the US, shipping is free.

As far as what to purchase … I’d highly recommend the christmas sampler because then you’ll get a sample of some of the best teas of the year. Although … that IS a pre-order, so it will be a little while before you’re receiving your package from them for the christmas sampler.

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Lala said

It is hard to tell you what is “a must” to order as the idea behind 52 teas is there is one new tea blended a week. Once that tea is gone, its gone, unless there is a reblend at a later date. So if there is something that peaks your interest, you have to pick it up right away or go on a waiting list and hope it gets reblended. All of the 52 teas I have tried have been good.

I would second the suggestion of the Christmas sampler. Also I quite enjoy the Southern Boy Teas.

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