autumn teas without 'autumn spices'

Hey steepsterites,

Does anyone know of any ‘autumn-y’ teas without ginger or cinnamon or nutmeg? I despise all things ginger and cinnamon and I can only take nutmeg in small doses. (this essentially means I can never buy pre-made pumpkin pie ever, more’s the pity). I was wondering if any of you have come across a tea like that for the season that doesn’t have those spices. Thanks in advance!

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KristiK said

I like Butiki ’s Maple Pecan Oolong and Pumpkin Milkshake. You could also check out Whispering Pines Tea Company for some really interesting blends. Good luck with your search!

Sounds like those could be good, I’ll have to check them out.

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To me, Autumn flavours are either pumpkin or apple. There are some apple teas without spices, not sure about the pumpkin though. Uh, David’s Teas has Oh Canada. Maple can taste like Autumn. Or caramel. Maybe something oolong?

I have a couple of maple blends and I haven’t been impressed. Also, and probably related, I’ve lived most of my life either in Canada or in New England so I’m kind of a maple snob, and none of them ever say what type of maple syrup they use (Vermont, Ontario, Quebec, Grade A,B or the Canadian labeling system, I have preferences). I LOVE caramel in tea but I have it all year round so it doesn’t taste particularly autumn like to me :( Have not tried the Butiki one mentioned above though so might try that.

OMGsrsly said

Starfevre, try putting maple syrup in a smoky tea or a keemun. :)

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I’m so glad I’m not the only one who loves fall teas without the nutmeg and ginger. I can deal with cinnamon in very small amounts, but otherwise, not a fan!

I personally found Butiki’s Pumpkin Milkshake to be very heavy on the cinnamon flavor. The Maple Pecan is a great choice as well as the Root Beer Float (for some reason it gives me that fall vibe). I also liked the Taiwanese Wild Mountain Black – for a plain tea. It’s flavorful, but has a darker component that reminds me of fall. I also tend to drink a lot of Laoshan Black from Verdant around this time of the year… although it’s not an autumn tea. Adagio’s chestnut is a nice favorite that I sometimes forget about! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a pumpkin pie or pumpkin tea that doesn’t have an arsenal of spices. Wish that someone would make a pumpkin pie tea that was creamy + pumpkiny without being too spicy!

The hazelnut is also pretty good. Not really seasonal though.

Thanks for telling me that about the Pumpkin Milkshake! I couldn’t find my Laoshan Black this morning! I went looking but I suspect it has vanished into the Giant Box O’Tea that I’m not motivated enough to dig through it right now. I haven’t tried a chestnut tea, although I’m not a fan of the Adagio base tea, will have to look for it somewhere else.

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Davids Tea has a delicious “pistachio cream” in their fall collection that I think fits the bill pretty nicely!

I’ll have to check that out!

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We have some great fall teas that don’t have spices. Our Pumpkin Cream rooibos has an amazing scent and taste-a little creamy without any spices:
We also have a Roasted Almond rooibos that doesn’t have spices:

Those sound really lovely if I didn’t dislike the taste of rooibos so much. How much of the rooibos flavour come through or is it entirely overwhelmed by the pumpkin/almond?

For both the Pumpkin Cream and Roasted Almond, those flavors dominate and you really can’t taste the pure rooibos taste. Especially if you add a little Sugar in the Raw, they make great dessert teas.

Made an order. And bought a teapot because I have trouble restraining myself on tea websites. Ha.

Thanks for your order! I think you’ll like those teas. You also picked a beautiful teapot—one of my favorites! I’ll add some extra tea samples for you to try!

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Della Terra has a few Halloween themed teas, I tried their Blueberry Boo and while it does not necessarily taste like Autumn (blueberries just seem more Summer to me)it has ghosts in it so at least it is on theme.

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