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Who is drinking tea in Seattle? And by tea, I mean hot beverages containing camellia sinensis tantum. Just looking for a few people who might be interested in swapping teas, having tea, tea, you know. Seattlites roll call!

We will start. We are in Wallingford and drink various Chinese teas as well as Japanese greens. We are interested in Darjeeling, but haven’t found many acceptable varieties for sale around here. We will try anything that is made purely from CS and quasi-medicinal herbal decoctions, but jasmine makes me gag…literally. Who is next?

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Cofftea said

I’m not a native Seattlite, but I do vacation there often and love it. I’m going to be there mid June. I’m hoping to attend my very 1st Japanese Tea Ceremony while I’m there and am looking for other places that serve matcha.

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