RiverTea said

Rivertea Is Offering 5 Giveaways in a Funny Contest

Dear Steepsters,

We are so excited about the upcoming launch of Rivertea.com (an online tea shop with exquisite, high quality teas and great commitment for an amazing customer experience). But until launch, we’re offering 5 gifts containing 100 grams (4 oz) + 3 samples, for tea lovers from different parts of the world. In return, we would appreciate your feedback for the entire experience with Rivertea.

What you need to do? Well, we have a funny question for you: If there were only 100 grams of your favourite tea available in the world, what would you do for it?

Please also add in your comment the country and city you’re from.

Can’t wait to see some interesting answers :) We’ll pick 5 of them.

Gabriela – Co-founder Rivertea.com

PS: Did I mention that you’ll get to choose the teas that we’ll send you?

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RiverTea said

For the last 100 grams in the world of my milky oolong I would learn to walk on hands :)

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What would I do for the last remaining 100g of one of my favourite teas?

- Be tickled for 24 hours non stop (I am very ticklish and hate it)

- Dress as a clown for the day and walk around town entertaining people (I’m very crowd shy)

- Abstain from drinking any others teas for a whole month!

- Run around my neighbourhood in a onesie

I would do them all :) I am in the UK.

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LauraS said

For the last 100 gr. of my favourite tea I could stop using Facebook for one month :) heck, I might even consider one year!

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For the last 100gr of my favorite Tie Guan Yin, well I already traveled cross country for it once (granted I was also visiting my mom but that doesn’t sound as cool)

I would:
Wear a coat made entirely out of pinching crayfish
Give up chocolate for life
Never Play Minecraft again (I am seriously addicted to that game, just the thought makes me cringe!)

I am in Kansas City in the US

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Sil select said

I would do a great many things for the last 100g of my favourite tea. I’m currently in Toronto, canada.

I would give up the rest of my tea cupboard for a year….
I would walk from one end of the country to the other with just what I could carry in a backpack
I would go a year without making any other purchases outside of basic necessities
I would promise to call my mother every day! Lol

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For the last 100 grams of my favourite tea. I would:

Give up drinking any other tea
Give up chocolate (yep chocoholic here!)
Wear the same clothes to work for a week
Do all of my husbands chores around the house for a year
Stay up for 24 hours straight
Give up TV for a week

I am in Toronto, Ontario Canada

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For the last 100 grams of my favourite tea…

Buy 6 dozen Klondike bars
Give up playing video games for a month
Write an essay about why I like that tea (a writer I am not)
Dance like cameras are watching me (I’m way shy around film)

I’m in San Jose, California, USA

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K S said

For the last 100g of my favorite tea… my first thought was to hide it from everyone while hissing, “My precious.” But that would just lead to stale tea making me sad.

So, my second thought was to take (two) 2g samples and send them to Dr.’s Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler in hopes they could extract some viable DNA for cloning more of the precious leaf. Since Sheldon possesses the DNA of Leonard Nimoy, I feel certain he is very well versed on the subject and Amy probably already knows how to make it happen. The two samples, are not because there are two Drs. involved. It is because I am pretty certain Sheldon could not resist the temptation of trying a hot beverage of the last of this leaf.

With the remaining 96g I would invite my entire small town of 12k people in southern Indiana USA to have tea with me. Since everyone else here thinks all tea comes bagged in a yellow box, they won’t show and I will simply have to sip it all by myself… while hissing, “My precious.”

Lala said

This is hilarious!

Even though I have entered this contest as well I have to agree. This entry is hilarious!!

I have commenced giggling

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stina said

For the last 100 grams of my favorite tea…my shy self would perform a one woman musical with the best Tom Waits voice I can muster, while adding marshmallows to my mouth after each song and tap dancing with my left foot (because my right leg will be imitating a flamingo, even though pink is my least favorite color). Then, with all the unmusical notes in my body, I will write a song to my beloved tea and grand finale the show with it - in a language I will learn fluently just for that moment. And then, after the show, since my throat will be so raspy from all the Tom Waits channeling, I will drink a cup of my yummy tea…and maybe even share it with whoever was brave enough to endure my whole performance ;)
- Columbus, OH USA

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mrmopar said

Only a 100 grams… I think i would have to find the smallest yixing pot and cup and break out one leaf at a time to make the experience last as long as possible. I think I would have to have a map with various hiding spots as to where I had stashed my tea. I don’t think I would share and the last little leaf well it would have to occupy a space on the wall to always be seen but never drank. A testament to the old saying of “Where have all the good times gone” a testament to a band that is also sadly gone. Then when I wanted it a gain I would just have to sit back and sigh and cry missing it so much…..

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