November NYC Meetup Alice's Cup (November 6th @6pm) UWS

So I was “leafing” through Nicole’s blog this morning and found her review on Alice’s Tea Cup. After getting over the fact that I hadn’t heard of this place I realized it might be a fun location for a meetup. I double checked and thier kitchen is open as long as they are with plenty of savory items to enjoy. There are three locations I am open to any of them but may be partial to the upper west side location. So, how does this sound and what dates might work for most?

Link for Alice’s on the UWS

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Thanks for reading! I want to go to this place even more now since I was only able to grab a scone and cup to go when I visited. My schedule is crazy but once we have a date I’ll definitely try to shuffle things around. Every other Wednesday I would be able to get there by 5:30pm so that might work if everyone else is available.

Wednesday is a good day for me!

So which of the first two Wednesdays in November works? I’m good for both. :)

I’m good for the 6th :)

Great. It looks like November 6th at 5:30? on the Upper West Side.

Could we make it 5:45? Otherwise I can just come late.

Let’s make it 6. 5:30 is pushing it for me too.

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I’ll always look for an excuse to go to Alice’s Tea Cup! It’s a lot of fun! The east side one is really close to my work, but I don’t mind going over the west side. The food is scrumptious! The tea is hit or miss depending on which server makes it and the storage procedures of each location- they like to display/store the teas in clear glass jars.

Most weekends are booked up for me in November, so I’d prefer a Mon-Thur night after work. The first two weeks are best.

Kaylee said

I recall the UWS teas being stored in tins (at least the ones behind the retail counter).

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I’m up for this – either of the first two Wednesdays in November would work for me. I’d vote for the UWS location.

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Kaylee said

OMG yes. I love Alice’s Tea Cup and will use literally any excuse to go there. West Side is better for me. I can get there from work in half an hour.

November 6 at 6pm is good. I have clients coming in at 4pm, but if they come on time I should be done by 5:30pm (hopefully earlier but I don’t want to count on it).


Great. We’ll see you there!

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Chuckieroy said

their chocolate chai is really good!

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We should probably make a reservation to make sure we get a table. How many do we have? I think I counted 5 or 6.

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hannabling said

+1 See you there

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Alas, wish I could make it, but weeknights are out for me. Have fun guys!

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Kaylee said

Are we swapping again? Any special requests?

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Ok, so confirmed are:


From their site:
On weekdays, any Alice’s Tea Cup location can take a party of any size. We do need at least 24 hours notice for reservations.

All reservations with 6 people or more receive the Mad Hatter. Both are an Alice’s twist on a traditional afternoon tea.

The Mad Hatter is the adult tea service and includes scones with jam and cream, assorted tea sandwiches, desserts and pots of tea. This is $37 per person.

If you have a party of 6 or more guests, and choose not to have the Mad Hatter, you may walk in; walk-ins are based on a first-come, first-serve basis. If we are running a wait, we can put your name on our wait list and take your number to call you when your table is ready.

Their menu has a lot of choices so I’m inclined to say we might want to take our chances with walking in so that we can order however much or little we might like:

Kaylee said

It’s a moot point, since it’s too late to make a reservation. But I agree with your inclination to walk in. Can anyone get there a little early to put us on the list in case there’s a wait (or snag a table if there isn’t)?

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