Tamara said

I love & hate Teavana...

Who else has a love/hate relationship with Teavana? I just left there and I’m still annoyed. I went to purchase 2 ozs of a specific tea and seriously, they NEVER and I mean, NEVER weigh the tea per your request. I ended up with 3.5 ozs. This happens last time also. The sales person pulled the sticker off and closed the bag before I even caught what she did. When she rang me up, I asked her if they ever measure the amount asked for and she said “No, most people don’t realize how little 2 ozs is.”, and that was it. I wanted to tell her most of us know what the hell 2 oz is, especially seasoned tea drinkers. Then I wanted to return it…but I didn’t. I like the tea. I may have to just stick to ordering online because I do not appreciate the games they play in the store….or set out to find a favorite from another company!

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Last time I went there, I just ordered one the hot teas to go. They offered adding another tea to ‘make it taste better’, I said no. Then I think they over-charged me for it, calling it premium. The sign didn’t mention that at all. By then, I was wanting to leave. And I should have gotten a different hot tea. As I could have almost gotten the 2 ounces for the price of a cup.

Will still go by there to try samples though.

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PlutoCow said

I don’t know, I just sit there and look like a poor college kid and they measure very carefully and try to get me out of their store as quickly as possible… :P Something that worked well for me was telling them that I only had a $10 bill to pay for the $8/2oz tea. The lady measured very carefully after that.
I think if you make a big deal about it before they measure, they’ll probably not give you way too much. It may feel pushy and rude to you to make a direct point about getting only 2 oz, but if you’re consistently leaving the store unhappy, it doesn’t seem like that much of an issue to make sure they know exactly what you want so that you leave satisfied.
You can also ask them to verify the weight with you before they seal the bag and put away the big tin. Remember, you’re paying them for this experience. You aren’t obligated to take an extra 1.5 oz and the extra $3-15 charge that comes with it.

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