Our Founder Is Insane! 50% Off Everything In Stock!

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Hello Everyone. Just an update. The “BIRTHDAY” code definitely works with our regular credit card checkout, PayPal checkout, and, Google Checkout.

Thanks for bringing it to our attention that Amazon Checkout had a hiccup and is being reset right now. Beginning 7 AM EST, you can use code “LEAFSPA1” during Amazon Checkout to receive the same birthday promotion. Apologies for the issue using that method.

denisend said

Thanks for the update! I was having trouble with the paypal method and gave up, so I’ll try Amazon.

@denisend – alas…Amazon is still having an issue. If you shop through our website and try to use the “LEAFSPA1” code, it still won’t work until 4pm EST. However, you can just go to Amazon, search for “LeafSpa Organic Tea”, select your purchases, and, during THAT type of checkout (on the Amazon site), the “LEAFSPA1” code WILL work. I am so sorry for the confusion. Trust me….Amazon has gotten an EARFUL from us this morning.

denisend said

Okay, I’ll try that.

read my above comment. in other words, if you go straight to the Amazon.com site (http://amzn.to/dq6PeU) the LEAFSPA1 code works just fine. I just triple checked it myself.

denisend said

Yeah, we posted at the same time. :-)

It worked! My husband is going to kill me…

Just make him a strong cup of Chamomile! :^) Glad you were patient enough to make it work. I assure you we’re typically a much more streamlined vendor to deal with and hope to see you back soon.

denisend said

I’m not fond of chamomile, so I don’t know if I even have any (maybe a sample bag or something).

He’s a big fan of green tea, though, so perhaps I’ll make him some in his tetsubin.

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I want more stuff but need more money….Will Work for Tea!


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Just One Hour Left! Take advantage now or forever miss the opportunity to buy teas and accessories at less than cost! Happy Birthday to Steven, our Founder!

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