Nicole said

Halloween Tea Parties

Here are a couple of pictures of the two Halloween tea parties I did this year. One at work and one at home. I kind of slacked this year on the decorations at home and the one at work was a “use up all the odds and ends” type of decorating, but the teas were excellent. :) The work one had the last of my Cherry Almond Gunpowder from 52Teas, Black Currant from Tea Forte, Pineapple Upside Down Cake from Della Terra and Kenyan Black from JusTea. For the home tea we had Silk Dragon Oolong from The Tea Merchant, Flowery Pineapple Oolong from Butiki and Full Steam from Hugo.

I do wish I were better at pairing tea with food. We just tend to pick what tea sounds good complete apart from whatever food we are having. For work I usually choose fruity or flavored because those seem to go over better with the “non tea people.” But at home, almost everyone who ever attends are all tea people to varying degrees of obsessiveness. I should try to pair better.

For food we had chicken & red pepper hummus turnovers, olive crescent rollups, ham & apricot sandwiches, candy corn sugar cookies, pumpkin ravioli with salted caramel topping, chocolate cake balls that looked like the soot sprites from Spirited Away (whoops, had originally said the wrong movie…), orange scones and pumpkin scones.

Is anyone else doing Halloween tea parties?

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Chizakura said

Wow! I LOVE your Halloween-ish teapots! They’re so cool! :D

I wish I knew enough people into tea enough to do something like this. Most people I know just drink tea bags and can hardly tell a Chamomile and an Earl Grey apart. xP

Nicole said

Thanks. I haunted Ebay for far too long several years ago when I first started really getting into tea. I bought way too many teapots back then but they do come in handy. :)

And you are not alone – that describes most of the folks at the work tea parties. I’m slowly getting some of the gals into real tea. But mainly they come for the food. :)

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Courtney said

The teapots are amazing! Haha and agreed Chizakura, most people I know think I’ve gone off the deep end with my love of tea :P

What are the chocolate eye treats? Are they peanut butter balls! Gah.

Nicole said

The chocolate eye treats are chocolate cake balls. Peanut butter balls wouldn’t last long enough for a tea party with my husband in the house. :)

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Seeing the photos just made me feel a little better about being too sick to attend, now it is like I was kinda there! I love the Soot Spirit balls!!! Also that is an awesome teapot collection, I do not really have any ‘cute’ or whimsical ones, all of mine are more functional but I do keep eyeballing some really silly cat themed ones. The foods and teas sound delicious!

I wish I lived closer to more ‘tea people’ other than you and Ben all of my tea people live on the other side of the country. Thank you for posting the photos, that just made my night :)

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Tealizzy said

Thanks for sharing! I love tea parties!

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ifjuly said

That menu sounds scrumptious, and I’m jealous you have enough tea-friendly coworkers and friends to have tea parties!

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TeaVivre said

The chocolate eyes are so cute and look tasty. Drinking tea with delicious food, talking with friends. The tea parties made your day enjoyable.

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