Introducing Eco-Cha...with Discounts & Free Samples

Hi Steepster,

Some friends and I just started Eco-Cha, a company specializing in direct from the farm Taiwanese Oolong and Black tea.

I think we’ve got some really good Taiwanese Oolong and Black Tea. I wanted to offer something nice so that Oolong lovers could try some of them out.

Use the code TREAT for free shipping on anything. Also whatever tea you order, we’ll throw in 2 samples of tea that you didn’t order, so you can try more tea!
Code: TREAT (good until Nov 1)

It would be great to hear what you all think here on Steepster, all of our current selections of tea are up here:

About us: We have lived in Taiwan and been actively involved in Tea culture here for a collective 30 years. We source tea direct from artisan farmers, who we visit multiple times throughout the growing and harvest seasons. We are very dedicated to working with farmers that are actively preserving the artisan tea tradition in Taiwan.

For more about us and the story of where our tea comes from please check out

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and looking forward to lots of interaction with the Steepster community and to hearing what you all think of our tea (once you’ve had a chance to brew of course!)

Nick & Andy

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sherubtse said

Interesting website and selection of teas. Good shipping rates, which appear to be EMS. Is that correct?

But the prices on some of the teas seem a bit on the high side, e.g., the SLX Concubine (which is 2 years old).

In any case, I will be following your company closely, and may order in the near future.

Best wishes,

Hi sherubtse,

Thanks for the kind words about our site and tea selections.

I appreciate the comment about our prices as well and would love to explain more about our tea and our sourcing.

The farms we source tea from produce much smaller batches than large factory farms. And the teas we buy are all single batch.

We work with these farms because they are dedicated to the tradition of Taiwanese artisan tea making. They take extra time and care and are hands-on during growing, harvesting, and production. Producing tea in these smaller batches and with the attention to detail that these artisans employ puts the tea in a different price range, but it also means, in our opinion, much better tea.

So while there are many other more affordable (and still quite excellent) Oolong teas available, we feel strongly that there is a noticeable difference in quality, flavor, and overall experience with the teas that we have available. Our priority when selecting tea is quality combined with the methods/ethics of production, and the teas that meet our standard fall within this price range.

We select tea based on standards that have become very important to us over our years of exploring tea culture in Taiwan. We aim to provide what we see as the absolute best representative of a tea in its class, even if we have to pay a bit more for it.

We regularly visit many different farms with cheaper teas, but if we don’t find the tea to be something really special or if the farm does not fall within our sourcing guidelines, we don’t procure the tea.

We think our selections are some of the best of each type of tea available – but I hope you won’t take my word for it and you’ll try them out sometime!

Regarding our current selection of SLX Concubine Oolong – we procured this batch of tea before we launched Eco-Cha and until then just shared a bit among friends. Upon launching we decided to make it available to everybody because it really is something special.

Due to the way bug bitten tea (Concubine and Oriental Beauty) is processed it does not decline, but actually can become better with age. This particular batch was roasted at least 2 times, so it handles aging extra well.

Each batch of Concubine is one of a kind and we’re almost out of this one. There was only 100 jing total available from this entire batch, and we just got a fraction of that.

All of our tea is vacuum sealed and stored in climate controlled rooms so it stays fresh until it gets to you!

Thanks again for taking the time to check out Eco-Cha and for writing. And we do hope you’ll try some of our tea!

In tea,

Nick & Andy

sherubtse said

Thanks for the reply! I enjoyed reading your comments, and certainly understand your rationale for the slightly higher-than-average prices.

I am condsidering an order ….

Is your shipping EMS?

Best wishes,


My pleasure, thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

We ship EMS for heavier packages and registered mail for smaller packs. So both are track/traceable. Sorry, I got writing so much about the tea above I forgot to answer your shipping question.

Glad you’re interested!


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Love the concept, and am very jealous of the teas you must get living in Taiwan!

It might just be because I don’t know too much about Taiwanese teas (see my teas I’ve reviewed), but it might be worth having a cheaper line of tea for people like me that aren’t quite yet wanting to shell out 75$ for 2.5 ounces…


Thanks very much for the compliment! Yes, we certainly do have access to some amazing tea in Taiwan. Don’t be jealous though…because we’re making them available to you too!

We just might have the intro to Taiwan tea that you’re looking for…

Our Jin Xuan and Tsui Yu are our most affordable, and they are very nice.
150 grams (5.3 ounces) for $22 and $20 respectively. You can grab 38 grams (1.3 ounces) for $7.

If you like black (red) tea our Red Jade and SLX High Mountain Black Tea are also quite affordable.

Our higher end teas currently range from $14 – $30 for 38 grams (1.3 ounces) and $45 to $75 for 150 grams (5.3 ounces).

And with free samples and free shipping…now’s the time to try out some premium Taiwanese Oolong!

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ifjuly said

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to give you a heads up that I tried the Jade Oolong tonight and am really loving it. Tried to review it on Steepster but for some reason I can’t log or cupboard your teas (I don’t have this problem with other teas/companies besides, weirdly, Vintage Tea Works). I wanted to let you know because I love this tea and want to be able to recommend it properly where people might find it, but don’t know how. My entry is here:

Sil select said

send a note to jason and the gang at steepster. It looks like there’s something kooky with the teas they have added…if you hover over the buttons the url shows it’s going to redirect you to the dashboard. heh So it’s not just you

ifjuly said

ah, so it isn’t just some weird thing with me then. gotcha. just emailed Jason. thanks Sil!

Ricky said

Looks like the links in the description were causing a bug. I’ve temporarily removed the links and the functionality seems to be restored.

ifjuly said

Thank you very much!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to write in about your experience with Eco-Cha Tsui Yu Jade Oolong. I just read your notes (the link you provided above). Great to hear you really enjoyed this Tsui Yu. The batch the you tried is almost gone (we have about 10 boxes left at the time of this post). Andy (our tea sourcer) is out at the farm today picking up the winter 2013 batch that we tried last, brought home, continued to drink throughout the week, and then decided to purchase. We’ll be putting that up soon.

Thanks again for taking the time to write and for helping to get the glitch in our tea page here resolved.

I hope you enjoy our other teas and would love to hear what you think of those too!


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