Verdant Wang Yanxin’s Budset Jin Jun Mei! HELP!

I had my order all ready last night and fell asleep before I finalized my order, and there were only 2, 1oz packs of these left and now they are out of stock! Did anyone order any that they would be willing to split with me if I payed them pretty pretty please! This was the ONE tea ive been wanting and I finally have the money and I FELL ASLEEPGRR!

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I’m sorry you missed it. It was one that I really wanted to order, too, but missed!

I hope I can find some one to swap for it.

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Sil select said

Yeah I missed it too…looks like a bunch of folks did heh

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So I just got an email saying my Verdant order shipped and it says I placed an order last night and this is in it! Wow did I really order in my sleep?!?! Scary. This addiction is getting real. Yay for me that I did score one of the last batches of this though!

yyz said

Dangerous! But on the other hand I’m really glad that you were able to get the one you wanted!

Courtney said

That’s awesome haha!

Dangerous I know :) but yay for me:) made me happy!

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