Cruisin' with Tea

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Katiek said

When I travel, I tend to use a travel mug with an infuser. One of the collapsible tea infusers is also good for travel (I got mine at I heart teas).

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Sil select said

Anytime I cruise I bring my finum and the teas. If I’m super worried I bring 2 finums :)

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OMara said

Oolong owl what would you advise for traveling on a train for tea and tea ware. I have a low budget and will be flying home. (BTW i love your blog sooo much)

Oh cool, train travel sounds fun! I haven’t been on a train, so I’m not sure what to expect for them having hot water/etc.

I’d probably lean on a travel tea tumbler. DavidsTea has a 40% off sale right now with 4 styles so that as cheap as you are going to get if you don’t have one already – I’ve flew with tea tumblers in carry on many times – they will inspect it, make you to open it and xray it. I had no issues with the flight attendants filling my tumbler, or only getting hot water in flight.

OMara said

Thats a really great idea.

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I’m a chronic cruiser…. I love unpacking only once and having my hotel float from place to place while I sleep with the veranda door open. I’ve always been lucky enough to be a guest and a discount price, but I know how expensive cruising can be! I bring a small plastic kettle that packs flat and pack it with socks so it doesn’t break (Like this one: ) and buy a travel mug in the first port as a souvenir…I also bring these: for easy clean up. (or if you lose the infuser) Tea is crap on all cruise lines, so pack accordingly! (but it is available 24/7!) If you rely on their boiled water, lots of times it smells of coffee….and we’ve all been there! Are you in an inside cabin or window or veranda? (now I’m just being nosy)

This is an old post, since then I’ve been on 2 cruises! A 4 day Mexico and a 15 day Hawaii.

Maybe its the cruise line, my case both Princess Cruises, I didn’t notice a coffee taste in the water ever – it came out of one of those “hot water only” spouts, which was separate from the coffee. My only beef is if I get hot water in the dining room, sometimes it arrives not very hot as I guess it sits there until the server takes it to my table.

I always went with the inside cabin, I only stay in the cabin to sleep, shower and get dressed.

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