Green tea & black tea

Hi, I’m on a search for some great green tea and black tea recommendations. I was also wondering what are the major differences between Chinese and Taiwanese tea? Thanks :)

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Nicole said

That’s a pretty wide open search there. :) Recommendations will depend on what you like. Do you like flavored teas, unflavored, fruity, minty, malty, grapey? All of the above, just wondering about high quality greens and blacks in general – looking for vendor recommendations more than actual tea recommendations?

My suggestion would be to do a search on here for a tea you know you like. Scroll through the reviews and find some people who praised it for reasons similar to why you like it. Then look at other reviews by those same people.

Hopefully someone with more actual tea knowledge than me will chime in on the Chinese/Taiwanese issue. All I know about that is that I associate oolongs with Taiwan and Yunnans with China. :)

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