I've got a mystery tea, or well, it is to me

In the mystery tea bag I got from TeaSipper, I got a sample size of 52 teas thats one of the 12 teas of christmas, and only labeled ’don’t open til dec 22nd’ which I’m totally doing, but as I have NO IDEA what flavor it is, I’m quite worried I won’t like it. I’d rather pass it along to someone who might if its flavors I don’t like. So steepsterites, anyone know what the flavor is?

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yyz said

Here’s the list from 2012 is it a green tea?
12/14/2012 Cotton Candy Black Tea Black
12/15/2012 Breakfast Smoothie HB Honeybush
12/16/2012 Sun and Cloud Mist Cloud Mist (Yun Wu)
12/17/2012 Earl Black White
12/18/2012 Caramel Pumpkin Cheesecake Black
12/19/2012 Graveyard Mist Chinese Sencha + Cloud Mist (Yun Wu)
12/20/2012 Lime Jello Salad Green Tea Chinese Sencha
12/21/2012 Chocolate Decadence Black
12/22/2012 Lemon Cardamom Chun Mee Chun Mee
12/23/2012 Boo Berry Cotton Candy Gunpowder + Young Hyson
12/24/2012 Butterbeer Black
12/25/2012 White Christmas Black

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I haven’t opened it, because I don’t intend to drink it til December, but unless they’ve done this for more then one year, this is the Lemon Cardamom Chun Mee Chun Mee. I don’t know that I’ll like it because Lemon is such an easy flavor to make taste like house cleaner.

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Oh, I couldn’t wait that long to open it! :D I had more than one of these… so if you must know, it’s Ginger Ale. It must be from a different year! I didn’t mind my sample pouch that I tried, even though it is ginger which is the one tea ingredient I dislike the most.

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