Agamyxis said

Tea and Food Pairing

So, I’m giving a class in my tea room this week on tea and food pairing. At last year’s tea expo in Philadelphia, I attended a fantastic class on pairing tea and food from a scientific perspective. It was given by a dynamic duo of ladies who started their own company called “PairTeas”. One of them is a chef, and the other is a food science taste biologist. The class was amazing, but perhaps a little to nerdy for my tea room customers. I am, after all, a tea, food, and science nerd, and that class was a jackpot for my nerdiness. So the question is, Steepsterites, how would YOU approach a tea and food pairing class for folks who are just beginning to scratch the surface of the tea world? I would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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Nicole said

The only class I’ve been to that did food and tea pairings specifically was very broad strokes about it. The hostess had everyone taste their food, then take a sip of the paired tea and take another taste of the food and notice the difference in the flavors. It was quite amazing. She didn’t get down into the weeds about the science of it though.

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