TeaTee said

Tell me of Black Friday tea sales!

I am a relatively new fan of tea drinking (and collecting) and since joining Steepster back in early August my tea cabinet has exploded with new teas. As much as I love drinking teas I love reading about new teas and buying them! One thing that has kept my tea buying in check was reading on this forum about the fabulous deals on Black Friday.

Since we’re just about a month away I want to start planning my purchases – will also help me not buy anymore teas until then. What can I look forward too? Companies? Types of specials?

Can’t wait!

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Dr Jim said

If you search the discussion section for “Black Friday” you can find the discussion of sales that happened the last two years. In my opinion there were only a few that stood out as exceptional compared to what we occasionally see notice of on Steepster.

There are also some good post-Christmas sales every year as well. Lupicia and Teavana are good examples.

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If you buy online, it’s called Cyber Monday. Which is better, because it doesn’t feel crowded. That was what got me into Adagio last year.

Sil select said

It’s actual both. You can buy online on friday and over the weekend – those are usually black friday deals. SOME companies only do sales online on the monday for cyber monday.

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We go all out for Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Its a 4 day extravaganza. We offer our best deal all year and offer a different bonus items each day for meeting an order threshold as well as entering names into a contest for a chance at additional gifts. We aren’t quite ready to discuss this year’s sale but should have a week-ish advance notice at least.

Cavocorax said

Ooh! I really appreciate that you’ll give us notice of the sale beforehand so we can plan it all out! :)

Definitely will. We especially like to let everyone know what the bonuses are, so they can see if any days appeal more than others. :) Our offer will be similar to last year but we like to go a tiny bit beyond. Last years: http://butikiteas.blogspot.com/2012/11/huge-black-friday-through-cyber-monday.html

Kaylee said

Time to start plotting, then.
a) Will the Rhubarb & Vanilla Ale be on the site by then?
b) Will the revised Pumpkin Milkshake be up by then?
c) Are you planning a new holiday series this year?

a. Yes! It should be up tomorrow actually. crosses fingers
b. That depends on whether we run out of Castleton by then or not. I would say probably though.
c. No new plans for any holiday specific teas though we do have a few ideas in mind and a few teas that are wintery. We have quite a few flavored teas that are in the works.

Kaylee said


You’re welcome! :)

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MelissaTea said

I think the trick to finding good BF/CM sales is the be well connected on social media. I remember on 4th of July there were a lot of sales shared here, but later I was looking at FB and found even more offers (that had by then expired). I’m not a big FB or Twitter buff, so I get 95% of my sales from Steepster.

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Last year Della Terra had sales during specific 2 hour periods 3 times during the day on Black Friday and they had A TON of teas at 60% and some at 40% off, I bought everything and it was so worth it

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Tea At Sea said

Tea At Sea has a Black Friday 24H Sale, it starts at midnight Nov 29 online at www.Tea-At-Sea.com – you have 2 options

A) Buy any Three tins of tea and get One 50g Tin of Tea + One 5g sample + One cork sailboat for Free

B) Spend more than 50$ and get One 50g Tin of Tea + One 5g sample + One cork sailboat for Free + Free Shipping

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