***Opinions requested*** Regarding ~ Tea Of The Month/subscription

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I was subscribed to Handmade Tea for a while and I highly recommend it. The teas are very different from anything you’ll find elsewhere. It’s pretty much a one many operation and as the name suggests, many of the ingredients are hand crafted.

I’m on a big puerh kick so I’ve just subscribed to Jalam Teas. A mini puerh cake is sent every month along with a picture postcard that explains where the tea came from and gives info about the ethnic minority in China that produced it. Most the of the selections are sheng but an occasional shu is thrown in once in a while.

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CelebriTEA said

Oh, that sounds thrilling.
Someday (hopefully soon) I will try puerh.
It sounds like such an art beginning with learning how to select a cake,
to preparation and then on to enjoying the sipping part.
I am not there, yet, but I am certainly enjoying reading all the tasting notes.
That day will come…

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For those of you interested in Handmade Tea, I’m in the middle of indexing my blog and just got their page done. You can see reviews of 25 of the teas I’ve received from them here:


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