local canadians i need your help!

So I am german and always grew up with the german tradition of an chocolate advent calender for christmas. My uncle visoted last year and brought me one of these!
Does anyone in canada know where to find these and be willing to ship me 2 if I pay them?
Pretty please? Shipping from the site it over $20 on its own.

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Courtney said

I’ve never seen a Kinder one, but there’s all kinds depicting different Christmas pictures. My Nann gets us each one every year. I can keep my eye out for you here when I’m out and about for this specific brand :)

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Kinder eggs are still technically banned in the US so if caught, there will be a fine. Totally sucks, I miss Kinder eggs. Most I can find it kinder chocolate at World Trade Cost Plus.

On a side note though other companies have found a way around it with different egg/toy design, but it’s not the same thing.

TeaLady441 said

Really? Because the toys are choke hazards? Or because you’re mixing toys with candy and encouraging kids to gain weight?

Really?? I swear I saw some at the local international market…I’ll have to check again!

bizarre US law regarding chocking hazard, since you can’t see the toy inside the chocolate. Really silly as it be hard to swallow that plastic capsule. The fine can run up to $2500 per egg officially. I knew someone hit with $200 per egg when she was driving to the US and she left the eggs with them. They do leak through and can be found in stores, but yeah, not legal in the US.

Before I moved to the US, someone gave me a freaking 6 or 8 pack of Kindereggs. I knew already I couldn’t take them over since I knew all my items would be searched since I was going through with a visa. I had a plot to disassemble it all and wrap the chocolate together but it seemed like too much effort lol.

WOW! Now I have to buy some if I find them! Crazy!

Uniquity said

Wow. This is one of the new silliest rules I have heard of. I wonder if anyone in charge of these things has ever thought to question the logic – Canadian children don’t seem to be dying in droves from Kinder Eggs. I have yet to swallow one! :)

I know my mom told me last week! I was devistated!!! They were part of my childhood! They do have something here called a kinder joy but I have yet to stumble upon them but are sold on amazon but quote pricey for bulk

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What is a Kinder egg? I want an advent calendar now.

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yyz said

A thin hollow chocolate egg, slightly bigger than a real egg with milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate or candy in the inside. Containing a plastic egg which houses a toy. Some of them are very elaborate.



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Lynxiebrat said

Hmm kind of reminds me of Cadbury chocolate eggs that get sold in droves around here at Easter. They got a couple of different flavors, but none that I can eat because they are have dairy in them.

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Chizakura said

Wow, that’s so funny. I had no idea Kinder Surprise was banned in the US. I’ve had so many as a child, that they’re just so … standard and part of life. Couldn’t imagine a kid growing up without having one.

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Wow this discussion really hit it off:) kind eggs are amazing and sucks that they are banned.

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