Broken Link on Steepster

Just wanted to let the Site Gurus know…
Clicked on via the EXPLORE page

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Notices is flaky again too. Mine seems to be stuck at 3. So if I get 2 new notices it will say 5, but then after I click through to read them and go back to the dashboard, it’s back at 3 (even though there were only 2 new notices). Sounds like the issue Cofftea was having when I was unable to get notices at all.

Cofftea said

I’ve been stuck on 16 for weeks. It was 3 at 1st, then 13. Now 16. But it says 0 when I actually click the tab.

That happened to me a few times until I realized I had to hi “MORE” there were ones I missed…eeeek…

Cofftea said

It does it when there are just a few new ones for me.

Brilliant TeaEqualsBliss! That was the problem. Thanks!

I feel like a total idiot now. Lol.

No worries! It took me a while but once I figured it out…teahee

Ricky admin said

2976. I’m trying to hit a record!

I must have clicked it recently. I swear it use to be higher.

Scary, that. Looks like my inbox when I come back from vacation….

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Jason admin said

Interesting. We’ll take a look into those issues and see exactly what’s going on.

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