My tea blog just made the front page of reddit!

Granted the post wasn’t tea related, but how cool is that?

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Awesome! Congrats! And I freakin LOVE that cake!!! :D

thanks, I had a ton of fun making it.

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Dr Jim said

I love the cake! Congrats.

Thanks, I just reached 500,000 views!

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Dinosara said

Your cake is great, but as a paleontologist myself that comment thread on reddit is painful, haha. Do you think we will every reach a (blissful) time when Ross from Friends isn’t brought up when paleontology is mentioned?

I’m probably the only person out there who has never seen Friends, I had no idea who they were referring to.

Your a real paleontologist Dinosara? Oooh, that is SO COOL. geeks out

Dinosara said

Haha Short Sorceress, one of the characters on that show is supposed to be a paleontologist but he is like the worst paleontologist ever.

Stephanie, yup, I am!

Kaylee said

Yeah that is really cool!

Courtney said

That is so cool Dinosara! Although I also adore Friends haha.

I never watched Friends, so that reference is lost on me too, but I know tv rarely represents the ‘fun’ jobs correctly. (btw, how lucky are you to have one!! lol). My archaeology prof. spent nearly en entire lecture discussing film representations of archaeologists and how off they are.

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Kaylee said

That’s great! Congratulations!

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Fiddling said

I saw your cake on Facebook earlier today. It’s on the I Fucking Love Science page. Awesome cake!

I somehow missed that, so cool!

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VariaTEA said

I just saw this while browsing imgur. Congrats!

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Is that ginger cake with melted chocolate, garnish with chocolate rocks?

Inquiring bakers want to know.

It’s a s’mores cake. The layers are made with graham flour so it tastes like a really sweet graham cracker. The middle filling is marshmallow cream and the garnish is chocolate marshmallow cream (it melted because it was over 90°F in the kitchen) and of course chocolate rocks :)

Dude. Wow. NOM!

I had to get creative, I discovered a week before my son’s birthday that he shares my chocolate allergy. It was supposed to be a chocolate cake to look like a tar pit.

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It’s almost my birthday. I need that cake! too bad you can’t send cake in a swap. haha ^^

happy almost birthday! Maybe you can find someone to make it for you?

My father and little sister baked a cake for me the past few years, but they recently moved and I don’t bake myself :( But that’s ok. next time I’m with the rest of my family for any special occasion whatsoever, Im telling them to bake that cake. :D

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