Mulling Spices?

I just tried adding mulling spices to my black tea with cinnamon, but all it did was just make my tea very bitter. Has anyone else here ever brewed with mulling spices? How do I avoid this?

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Did you add milk and sugar? mulling spices look similar to masala spices. Masala chai (translated: spiced tea) requires milk and sugar to make it palatable.
I’ve had chai with out milk and sugar and it tastes horrible, so that may be the problem here.

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Lala said

Some mulling spices can be very strong because they are meant to be brewed with sweet/high sugar content drinks like apple juice, orange juice, red wine, etc.

I have mulling spices that recommend 1 TBSP per 4 cups of juice/wine. You may need to use less spice for a cup of tea – which then makes it hard because you have to try to get a bit of every spice in the scoop.

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If that’s the ratio you suggest, that makes a lot of sense why it was so overpowering! Thanks!

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