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Looking for CNNP Green Label Pu Erh Beeng Cha information

I have a CNNP Green Label Pu Erh Beeng Cha cake in its original packaging. I’ve looked it up and found a bit of useful information. Unlike the similar teas I’ve found online, however, this one has no written english on its paper. I’m trying to date it and discover its precise origin. The box reads:
(compressed tea)

China National Tea & Native Produce
Import & Export Corporation
Kwangtung Tea Branch

If anyone has any knowledge or can suggest useful sites to research it would be much appreciated.

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I can’t answer your question, but just would like to remind you that if you find a tea that looks exactly the same as yours, there is 90% of the chance it’s not. This is because CNNP issued numerous different products with exactly the same wrappers and they could be anything and any style.
I once wrote a blog about it:

In the article the two green stamp CNNP cakes have same wrapper but are completely different. The same thing happens to other CNNP products with yellow, red, blue… stamps.

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mrmopar said

I agree with Gingko. Lots of CNNP products were pasted brand meaning produced by another factory for the CNNP factory. If you have any pictures it may help to get it identified.

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