Savory Teas??

My local natural foods store had begun carrying Numi Savory Tea. I’d never seen any before but yesterday I picked up a box of the Garden Sampler, containing: Beet Cabbage, Carrot Curry, Broccoli Cilanro, Tomato Mint, Spinach Chive, Fennel Spice. Apparently all have decaf green or black tea and/or rooibos in them as well as organic veggies, fruits and spices.

I haven’t tried any yet, I’m waiting for afternoon which seems like a more auspicious time, but was wondering what others thought of these and when/how you like drinking them. I did see some reviews of individual teas here on Steepster but I’m interested, as well in the general topic of what people think of savory teas and when and how you drink them.

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Sara said

I’m drinking a cup of the Beet Cabbage right now! I really love all of them – I’ve bought the sampler boxes a bunch of times because there’s not a bad one in there. I tend to drink them at night because they don’t contain caffeine, sometimes with dinner. They’re also good with vodka for a nightcap. The Tomato Mint and Broccoli Cilantro are my favorites.

I wish savory teas were more popular! Awhile ago Frank at 52Teas did a Tomato, Basil, and Black Pepper black tea that I’m still daydreaming about. I’m also waiting for him to reblend the Smoky Bacon so I can try it.

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I’ve heard of the Numi savoury teas but have never dared to try them. I have tried a few others though such as A Rabbit’s Garden by Della Terra Teas which contains: Green tea, green peas, corn kernal, peach pieces, carrot bits and lemongrass.

Also for a long time I’ve wanted to try Garlic Vanilla by Distinctly Tea. I love garlic and just can’t imagine it in tea form, I saw a few members reviews of that tea and while they were not impressed I would still want to try it.

Plus I just received one savoury tea to try from Lala as part of the Secret Pumpkin trade. It’s called Wolf Peach Island Tea by Handmade Tea and it contains: black tea base, tomato and sage. Not what I was expecting from the name but I’m currently plucking up the courage to try it seeing as I already have a sample.

I imagine there are quite a few savoury teas out there but I can’t say that I have seen many myself.

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Oooooo I’ve had a sample of the Beet Cabbage and I thought it was pretty good. It’s like watery soup, but full with flavor. I still haven’t tried the others. My coupon is waiting to be used…

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ifjuly said

Samovar Turmeric Spice is rather savory, and more so because when I drink it (any time I feel a cold coming on to boost my immune system) I add some sliced fresh garlic.

You had me at sliced fresh garlic :) Yummy!

ifjuly said

IKR? It’s weird how good it is in hot water, you wouldn’t think so. Dunno that my kiss-happy husband is thrilled that I love it but! Ha.

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