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TEA heals everything

Help make it happen for Got TEA, YeaExcited – DuvalTea on @indiegogo http://igg.me/p/578124/twtr/859555

Hello there, my name is Terry Tan, I am the founder of DuvalTea. Me and my partners have began to discovery Loose Leaf Tea since 2009. After years of research and comparison I started DuvalTea last year! I am really addicted to loose leaf tea, it’s not just the tea, but the lifestyle and culture. Please help us to build an enchanting webstore for tea lovers. We would love to bring more and more people to enjoy our tea, and learn the loose leaf tea culture!

We would like to build an enchanting website for our tea shop, You can all make a difference for us. There are thank you gifts for different contributions, but this will only works if we hit our goal in this 60 days. So whether you have $10 or $100, every contribution helps. Can you imagine, have a cup of different tea every afternoon? it is great I can tell you! You can help us make the world a more beautiful place, one educated client at a time.

Freshness … Guaranteed!

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