Maeda-en 2010 Shin-cha Giveaway!

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LP said

I should win because I don’t expect to, but it would brighten my day to try my first Shin-Cha :)

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khsheehan said

I should win because I’m me, and being me entails certain truths which I believe to be self evident. These truths include, but are not limited to, the fact that I ought to win every contest I enter, that I deserve free things, and that I am perfect. I consider myself to be, and therefore actually am, perfect. Yet whilst bathing in my glorious perfection I have become aware of how humble I also happen to be. This combination of being perfect and humble has truly showed me that I am the greatest human on earth. One would, naturally, award me the prize so as to not hurt my track record of being amazing. Thank you in advance for awarding me the prize.

A Very Deserving khsheehan

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I should win this because I’m really trying to get into loose leaf tea, and I’m actually getting a lot of friends into it as well. This would be an excellent opportunity for me to widen my horizon as well as the horizons of others. I’m not stingy, I’ll share it with everyone who comes to my house.

I should win because it ensures that more than one person will taste your delicious tea.

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Cinoi said

It’s not that I should win this tea, I would just love to, I think it would be a prime opportunity to try a new and different tea from a company I have not had anything from yet and will probably get no opportunity to purchase anything from in the near future.

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malomorgen said

again contest just for the States :( makes me wanna move there at times ;) but then again i live in a little heaven on earth which kinda makes up for it…
that being said i should win because i don’t live in within the 48 contiguous states lol

anyways contgratz for the anniversary!

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ZachMangan admin said

I should win this shincha because i traveled all the way to japan and all i got was a waving cat, a few mochi, and a yukata for my girlfriend. oh…and i promise ill share with my tea loving friends.

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Tom S. said

I should win, because I’m new to drinking tea and have much to discover and learn from it, and having opportunity to try new teas by different farms and companies would open up my experience into the world of tea!

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I will say that I am a true lover of teas. Teas have the ability to help me imagine different places, places that don’t even exsist but in my mind. However every tea creates a different result. I would like to win so I can sip this drink for the first time and see where it takes me away too. Please give me a chance and help me to see yet another happy place. Thank you!

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Jason admin said

Thanks to everyone who entered! We’ll be collecting all of the entries and contact the winners on Wednesday 5/26. Stay tuned…

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