nancif said


I recently started ordering from Teavana. I used to order from Specialteas which was bought by Teavana and now owned by Starbucks. I’m wondering if we will ever be able to trust Chinese tea. I purchased a lot on my trips to China, mostly Dragon Well. Can we trust Chinese teas to be free of pesticides? How about African Redbush, Rooibos? The Teavana tea “blends” that are mostly fruits, nuts and herbs?

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Uniquity said

I don’t think we can trust that any tea or consumables are free of pesticides unless they are tested and proven to be pesticide free. I wouldn’t worry specifically about Chinese tea, but I also don’t worry about it a whole lot in general. I make careful choices with my meat and produce and enjoy tea as an indulgence since I can’t control the producers’ actions. If you trust organic certifications, there are a number of organic products from many countries and companies. There is something out there for everyone.

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