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Hi Steepster buddies,

So I am on the hunt for a new tea pot to add to my collection. I’ve been waiting for the past year for Davids to come out with one I love, but haven’t had any luck. Every bubble tea pot pattern they’ve come out with seems to plain to me. So I thought I would turn here to see what peeps suggest what with Christmas approaching and all.

Two things to consider: Currently I own 2 tea pots. One is a cast iron bodum tea press, and the other is a white vintage one with small purple flowers all over it that my friend got me for my bday. I want something more modern, and not in cast iron.

I really really liked the stout tea pot davids had last season, but it sold out before I could realize that. I love things with a matte finish on them so that would be something to consider. And preferably I don’t want it to be too big, as it will just be for my personal use as my other two are for groups. 2 cups would be great. This is the one that I liked from Davids but in a new pattern that I don’t like as much because it isn’t matte. The old one had leaves on it if anyone remembers seeing it as a reference. OH and I would love if it had an infuser built in as my vintage one does not! Thanks! Any suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated :)

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yyz said

This one has a similar shape is mat, has an infuser. It may be plainer than your looking for.

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I’m not sure if these would be something you’d consider, but I really like the ceramic pots from Adagio –
I have a couple of them already. They make 2 cups rather nicely, though not so much 1. (I use my ingenuitea for that. Lol.)

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Both of these are good suggestions but I’m hoping to find something with a bit of a design or pattern on it. The size/shapes are nice though! :)

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My advice would be to buy one from a shop. I always ask to check a tea pot before I buy it just to make sure it won’t dribble. Nothing irritates me more than when a tea spout doesn’t pour well (and then you get nasty tea stains on your table cloth)

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moraiwe said

The Tea Forte Pugg pots are similar to the shape you’re looking for, plus the patterns are pretty cute. I don’t think they’re matte finished, though.

Lala said

I have one of these. It is super cute. The one I have has a glossy finish. The only drawback is that they do not pour very well. There is some tea that seems to just trickle down the side of the pot instead of pouring into the cup.

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I’m still on a quality glass pot – like to see my tea as its brewing

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Lynxiebrat said

The above is a US site, though I believe they’ll ship anywhere. There are glass teapots on there, as well as many modern ones. I have not bought anything from the site, but there are many things I would love to buy.

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