Coconut tea suggestions

Hello all!

So this year for Christmas I am getting my mom tea again, he favorites are from davidstea but have unfortunately been discontinued – Cocomint Cream, Coconut Oolong, and Coconut Grove. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions of where to find similar teas, not black teas though. I have already found the oolong at Zen Tea Life. Oh, and I’m in Canada, so if there company suggested ships to Canada that’d be great. Thanks in advance for your input!

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Courtney said

I actually just placed an order with Simpson & Vail for Jaclyn’s Cocomint Tea – which is a remake of Cocomint Cream, with unsweetened rather than sweetened coconut. I don’t have it yet, but once it gets here I can send a few cups your way so you can try it :)

Ah yes I remember reading a review on that one but couldn’t remember the company or name! I’ll check out shipping and what not and I’ll get back to you soon :) that one looks perfect though!

Dustin said

You got me. I placed an order before I could think or talk myself out of it. Coconut and mint was too intriguing of a combo.

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The coconut oolong from Rishi Tea has been a best seller in my shop.

Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely check it out :)

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MissLena, you mentioned Zen Tea Coconut Oolong, I hope you also noticed heir Coconut Green, it’s my favourite coconut tea (the only one I restock on) and it’s cheap!
I personally find it a lot more coconut tasting than their oolong (for some reason, I find their oolong tastes more like popcorn than coconut!) Hope you find something great for your mom :-)

Ooh I’ll have to look into that one, she loves coconut so much! I can only handle so much of it, and usually in the summer, but she likes it all times of the year. Thanks for the suggestion! :)

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mrmopar said

Persimmon tea has a great coconut chai.

I like coconut in chais haha, I’m not sure if my mom would, her all time favorite chai is Pumpkin Chai, I’ll check it out though! Thanks for the suggestion!

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Nicole said

Coconut Baozhong from Queen Mary Tea has been one that has generally gotten good reviews from those with whom I shared it.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will check that one out!

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cteresa said

Thé-o-dor makes a macaroon tea, called Je T´Aime, which IMO is mostly coconut and chocolate and other delicious stuff in there.

Oooh that sounds lovely :) although she is not the biggest fan of chocolate teas unfortunately. I will check it out though (possibly for myself too :D )

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ifjuly said

I LOVE coconut oolong, glad you found the Zen one (I love it!). Golden Moon has one too, so does American Tea Room. I like both—GM’s has a fresher, more “coconut water” type taste while ATR’s is on the creamy side.

Good to know! I think she probably would prefer the creamier variety, I probably won’t look too hard for an oolong considering Zen Tea Life’s is excellent, but thanks for the suggestions! I will have to check out both those companies :)

I really like Golden Moon’s coconut oolong. That one has my vote!

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I’m not sure about a straight coconut, but Harney and Son’s Soho Blend is a nice cocoa coconut. I have David’s Coconut Grove, but I always reach for Soho first.

I’ve heard of that one! It looks pretty good, although shipping to Canada is a bit expensive from Harney’s. I might look for it in a few local shops around here though, or add it in if I have enough teas (and money) to make a larger Harney’s order. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Im a huge coconut tea fan. My favs:

Steep City Teas’ Coconut Grove. This one is my fav.. its got a great sophisticated flavor with lots of coconut and floral. Gorgeous looking tea too. My review and pics (I’m not sure if they ship to Canada, but they have pretty good customer service)

Persimmon Tree’s Coconut Creme. It’s a great white that is really creamy. Great cold steeped. Their Chocolate Coconut Pu’er is also an interesting tea if you want a heavier rich base.

I have wanted to order from Steep City Teas, and that one was on my list, but last I checked they don’t ship to Canada yet :( I also emailed about it a few months ago.

Persimmon Tree’s sounds very much like what she’d like, she likes the lighter bases with coconut I think. That pu’erh sounds interesting, but I think I’ll stick with something not as wild for now haha. Thanks for all the suggestions!!

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Gene said

I’m fond of Coconut Pouchong from Golden Moon Teas.

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