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As Louis Armstrong once sang… “we have all the time in the world”

If delivery speed isn’t an issue then you can get some really nice tea from these people


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You can’t really blame them for the slow delivery, it is based in America after all. Anything from 7 working days and up is standard.

Agree, that is actually pretty good for international shipping, I have to wait weeks sometimes for international deliveries.

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It was worth the wait though

yyz said

I’m glad.

So am I. New teas I’ve never found anywhere else

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I live near Montreal, this company has become one of my favourites, I have tried tones of different ones. Not crazy about their flavoured blends but most of their straight teas are excellent, and their selection is huge!

They do have some teas I have never found elsewhere, you are right about that.

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The teas were great, just need to be patient when it comes to delivery to the UK.

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