Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2013!

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Looks like we were posting in another thread for this sale. We’re offering 50% off select teas when bought in 500g pouches. There is a blog post with the details. Offer is running until Dec 1st!

Cavocorax said

Are you still doing that promo where you get the sample of Strawberry Cacao with a purchase today too? Or has that expired?

Yes that’s included today too! We’ve got some fun responses on what to print on the bags :)

Cavocorax said

Awesome! Last question – are you guys doing another deal for Cyber Monday? :P Just trying to optimize my order!

No problem, yeah we’re doing a promo Cyber Monday too. The details will go out in a newsletter and on our blog sunday! If you want the Strawberry Cacao bag and purchase monday instead just mention Steepster in the comments and we’ll include it! But the up to 50% off deal ends Sunday. Hope that makes sense! :)

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50% off EVERYTHING at Grosche

They don’t have a big tea selection, but teaware is great! They have french press, glass tea pots, double walled mugs, all at 50%!

You have to like them on facebook to get promo code ( the code is blackfriday )

I just broke my glass tea pot and I’m now able to replace it with with this nicer one for 20$

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Red Leaf Tea is offering their December Free Matcha Sample now!!

I thought there was free shipping too?

Kaylee said

Not anymore. There were a lot of requests and the free shipping turned out to be unsustainable.

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Lala said

Not sure if this has been posted already. offering free shipping in North America for the weekend. Coupon code HOHOHO.

Dustin said

No, it hasn’t and thank you! Almost bought something earlier today but held off because I didn’t want to pay shipping. Figured I could hold out until I went to a store. Now I have two mugs on their way!

Thanks for posting this Lala. I broke my gravity steeper this morning and need to replace and this is what pushed me to try the one from DAVIDs

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MissB said

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Bostonbull said

Great thread!

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TwoDog2 said

White2Tea has a deal for free Xiaguan Puer tuocha with any order over 50 dollars before shipping. Larger orders get more and better quality tuos! Hope everyone gets a chance to try our puer collection.

White 2 Tea Black Friday Tea Sale

Many of our teas have yet to be reviews on steepster – hope you can be the first!

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Kaylee said

The Smithsonian has a 25% off Black Friday sale, including teaware already on sale. Enter promo code FRIDAY at checkout.

Yixing Lotus Leaf Teapot:

Romantic Rose Teapot:

Yixing Green Leaf Teapot:

Heart Tea Strainer:

Wizard of Oz™ Teapot & Set of Cups and Saucers:

Just the teapot:

Black Cat Tea for One:

Black and White Cat Mugs:

Once you’ve added something to the cart, try to close the Smithsonian Store tab or window and you’ll receive a pop-up offer for free shipping. I think you have to be on the “my cart” page for it to work.

That Green Leaf Teapot is sorely tempting… $56.24 with free shipping…

Oh, the Wizard of Oz teaware is just beautiful. Too bad I can’t afford it :(

There were so many great discounts! And that Green Leaf Teapot looks so nice and cool! It would have matched my amber jewelry so well! Haha!

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Still time to save 25% off your entire purchase.
Coupon Code: BlackFriday25
Valid at &
Ends: 11:59pm Monday 12/2/13

Thanks and Happy Holidays tea friends :)

Just an FYI the promo code is case sensitive. Thank you! :)

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Kaylee said

Whovians, I know you’re on here! ThinkGeek has a Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot on sale, with free no minimum shipping (sorry Canadians, US Economy shipping only):

There’s also a Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser, but that’s not on sale (still gets free shipping though!):

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