Lala said

I can't seem to log a tea.

Has anyone has any trouble with this today or in the past. I am trying to write a review for Vintage TeaWorks Black Merlot. I can go to the tea page but when I click on “Add tasting note”, it kicks me back to my dashboard. I have tried several time thoughout the day and it keeps doing this. I just wrote a review for another tea so it seems to be specific to this tea.

Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem before I start complaining?

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I haven’t been having that issues per say, but I seem to be experiencing a lag in my notifications (today it’s lagging by about half an hour – but a couple days ago it was lagging by several hours). I thought it was just because of the computer I’m using (I’m on the internet using the till at work, which isn’t really designed for being on the internet) but I’ve experienced it at home, too.

Also, yesterday and the day before that I was having some major issues sending out messages to people. They’d show as having been sent, but I’d come back an hour or so later only to find my messages hadn’t gone through.

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