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Would anyone like this month’s Steepster Select box — everything that came in it, still sealed?

I forgot to cancel my subscription to Steepster Select (I haven’t been wild about many of the teas they’ve sent in the past few months — too much hojicha), and the December box just showed up on my doorstep. I opened the box, read the labels of the three pouches of tea inside, and realized they were not to my liking (I’ll tell you what they are if you want to know, or you can be surprised). I have not opened any of the pouches; everything is still sealed and intact, the tasting notes are there.

I would like to swap this as a single unit, for something of similar value (I paid $19). I’d also be willing to sell it for $16 shipped within the U.S., or $18 anywhere in the world. Post here or message me if interested!

Ellyn select said

I would love it surprise and all! Follow me and we can discuss via PM how to make it work.

Ellyn – I followed you. PM away! :)

Ellyn select said

Just sent you a PM!

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Kristin said

I have a few of things to trade:

- Harney & Sons – Thai Rooibos (I have almost 4 oz and could split this among a couple of people).
- Ovation Custom Blend – Apple Pie Rooibos (I could part with 1 oz). -
- Ovation Custom Blend – Apple Pie Black (I could part with 1 oz). -
- David’s Tea – Creme Brulee Green Rooibos (I have about 1 oz).

I’m interested in swapping for flavored blacks, rooibos, white, or herbal teas. And, since I am vegan, the teas to swap would need to be without dairy. PM me or reply here and we can work something out.

Itsyknits said

anything you interested in on my list?? it’s on page 10.. I’d really like to try the apple pie black and apple pie rooibos.

Kristin said

Hi Maisonlula. I do see some things I’d like to try. Follow me and I’ll PM with you.

Oooo! I haven’t tried those Ovation ones yet! If you have some left let me know – I can send you a few mystery ones from my stash :)

DOH! Nevermind! I see Maisonlula was interested – but I can still send you a package if you want Kristin!!! Let me know :)

Kristin said

I haven’t heard back from her, so I suppose it’s yours (and I might have enough to share with 2 people). I’ll PM you my address (I’ve moved since we last swapped).

If you still have the creme brulee I would be interested in doing a swap. Check out my cupboard on here and let me know if there is anything that peaks your interest.

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that stuff went quick, eh?

Would love to try The creme caramel rooibos. Anything you’re looking for in particular?

Hmmm…something other than rooibos (or honeybush) because for some reason they don’t sit well with me :( I like teas that are strong and sweet usually.

I’ll swap you for the wild black yunnan and I wouldn’t mind trying Oh Canada. Let me know what I can offer you in return.

is there anything you (either of you) are looking to have someone take off your hands? i’m not very picky

hmmm I like pretty much all the teas I have but message me and we’ll chat.

Itsyknits said

is there anything you’d like that I have?? I really want to try the oh canada tea.

I’ll go ahead and follow you so we can discuss in messages! :)

Not gonna lie, I am kind of new to this site and I don’t really know how the interface works that well…I’m not exactly sure how the messaging works but if somebody sends me a message I should be able to figure out how to respond

DaisyChubb said

Hey taite, in order to message someone or have them message you, just click on their username and “follow” them. Once you’re both following eachother, they can message you :) Welcome to Steepster!

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Hi! I am doing some culling from my tea cupboard; I have the following available to swap. I am in the U.S. but will ship anywhere in the world.

SEALED POUCHES (e.g., I’ve never opened them)
52Teas Black & Blue, 1.75 oz.
American Tea Room Toasted Fig (sample, looks to be about 10 grams)
Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations Houjicha Smoky Roast (1 oz, from Steepster Select)
Teavana Youthberry & Wild Orange Blossom Blend with German Rock Sugar (sample, looks to be about 20-30 grams)
Todd & Holland Earl Grey Tea Blend with Double Bergamot, 1 oz.
Todd & Holland Green Jasmine Pearls, 1 oz.

OPENED PACKAGES (I have used some tea from these packages)
52teas Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, 1.75 oz pouch (I’ve made one pot of tea from this, so it’s probably more like 1.5 oz remaining)
Chicago Tea Garden Keemun Hao Ya, about 1 oz. in tin
Golden Moon Dragon Eye, 2 oz in tin (from their tea of the month club, not sold on their website)
Golden Moon Madagascar Vanilla, about 3 oz in tin
Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical, about 3 oz in pouch
TeaGschwendner Bossa Nova, 100 gram pouch with about 80 grams remaining
TeaGschwendner Orange Blossom Oolong, about 100 grams in pouch
Teavana Au Lait Verde, 2 oz pouch (I only made one cup of tea from this)
(I will be adding more to the list soon, as I sort through my stash)

In return, I’m interested in any tea from my shopping list; or just let me know what you have available. My favorite types of teas are strong blacks, Japanese greens, and oolongs of all kinds. I’m not a fan of Earl Grey, Darjeeling or jasmine teas. Thanks for looking!

Dinosara said

Ooh, there’s a lot of interesting ones on here. I would take the ATR Toasted Fig, Teavana blend sample, the two Todd & Holland teas, and any or all of the TeaGschwendner teas off your hands. Take a look at my cupboard to see if there’s anything in there you’d like; if there’s not a ton you’re interested in, we can always to a smaller swap. I also won’t be back to my stash to swap until mid-January if that’s a factor.

Spot52 select said

I would be interested in the Hoji and Keemun. I started following you;we could hash it out that way. Let me know what ya think. I do have some Jasmine stuff that might interest you.

Dinosara, thanks. I’m in no hurry. I’ll have a look at your cupboard.

Spot52, thanks. I started following you so you can PM me if you like. Maybe you misread my last paragraph — I don’t care for jasmine tea, so I’d probably be interested in something else; just let me know what you have available :)

Angrboda said

Hi, would you be interested in swapping the 52teas black and blue for an equal amount of Kusmi caramel?

Alternatively, have a look in my cupboard to see if there’s anything else you would rather like instead. (I’m also currently waiting to receive a rather large AC Perch’s order which contains raspberry oolong, lapsang souchong, tanzania, kenya, various fruit flavoured blacks such as blackberry, orange, apricot, lemon, black currant and cranberry. There may be one or two more, but I forget… Seriously stocking up order.)

I am also interested in the Golden Moon vanilla, either all or some of it, if you think I have enough to offer to make this fair. If you only think the black and blue would make a fair trade, that’s fine with me as that’s the one I’m the most interested in. :)

Itsyknits said

anything for

52teas Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish, 1.75 oz pouch (I’ve made one pot of tea from this, so it’s probably more like 1.5 oz remaining)

please take a look in my cupboard I have lots of black teas and I do have milky oolong.

Angrboda, I will PM you. I’m definitely up for swapping Black + Blue for some Kusmi caramel.
Maisonlula, I will have a look at your cupboard, thanks!

If you haven’t swapped them already I would be interested in the bossa nova, dragon eye, or the au lait verde.

Ninavampi said

Which teas are still available? : )

Hi, I’m interested in your Toasted Fig and Earl Double Bergamot tea. I have Sakura Allure (a little less than 2oz), Assam Gold Rain (4 oz), and Prosperous Peach Oolong (a little less than 4 oz) all from Teavana.

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tigress_al said

I was wondering if anyone in Regina would want to meet up and swap with me.
I have these teas from David’s that need a better home, I don’t mind them, but someone could enjoy them instead of me sipping on them just meh-like!
Amaretto (30g)
Dr. Chocolate (20g)
David’s Organic Breakfast (25g)
I will swap for anything in my shopping list or I am looking to try 52teas, Tealish, or Teaopia!

Jillian said

I’d be willing to swap you an (opened but not much is missing) pouch of 52teas Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake in exchange for the Dr. Chocolate. I don’t live in Regina sadly, (B.C. to be precise) but I’d be perfectly willing to mail it to you.

tigress_al said

Sure that sounds good. Pumpkin pie cheesecake definitely sounds like something I would like to try! I will follow you so we can exchange info! This will be my first swaP!

tigress_al said

Anyone else want to swap these teas, I can mail them out! Also, Jillian, can you follow me so I can message you?

Still looking to trade amaretto? Check out my cupboard if you’re interested!

tigress_al said

Sorry, I returned amaretto to the store. lol, I really wanted to try movie night so I returned it to the store for that!

No problem! I knew it was an old post but I figured I’d give it a shot :)

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Lisbet said

Some stuff I’d love to swap:

Lupicia Strawberry Orzo Tea
52 Teas’ Smores Chai (1/3 package)
52 Teas’ Pumpkin Cheesecake 1/3 package
Te House of Tea Chrysanthemum Tea (will throw in for free with swap- full bag)

Try me on anything apart from red fruit teas, chai, and earl greys, which I have too many of right now. :) Particularly looking for flavored pu-ehrs and oolongs right now. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious I do have a shopping/wishlist on here.

Ninavampi said

Hi Lisbet! Would you mind shipping to Ecuador? If you don’t I would be interested in both of the 52 teas teas! : )
Feel free to look through my cabinet to see if anything interests you! : )

Lisbet said

Sure! I would ship there :) Let me check out your cupboard and see if I see anything!

Lisbet said

I’d love to try the Strawberry Slender Pu-ehr and the Vanilla Mint Mate (which it looks like you didn’t like anyway :) )
If you don’t have one of those the Chocolate oolong sounds good too. I’ll follow you.

Ninavampi said

I have all of them! : ) I’ll PM you with details! Yay! : )

Lisbet, I’d love the Strawberry Orzo if you still have it?

Here’s what I have available at the moment:

1. The Tea Spot – Red Rocks (Loose)
2. Tula Teas – Four Seasons (Loose)
3. Republic of Tea – Pumpkin Ginger (Teabag)
4. Tea Forte – Cherry Cosmo (Loose, Enough for a cup)
5. Tea Forte – Kiwi Lime Ginger (Loose, Enough for a cup)
6. Tea Forte – Blueberry Merlot (Loose, Enough for a cup)
7. American Tea Room – Choco*Late (Loose)
8. Fortnum & Mason – Royal Blend (Loose)
9. Adagio Tea – Yunnan Golden Curls (Loose, Enough for a cup or two)
10. Teas Etc. – Coconut Custard (Loose)
11. Whittard of Chelsea – Rhubarb and Cream (Loose)
12. Whittard of Chelsea – Irish Cream (Loose)
13. Tula Teas – Zealong Pure (Loose)

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I don’t have much, but I’d like to see if anyone wants these. I’m in the US and I can only ship within the US.

Sugar Cookie
Fruit samplers (I have a few unopened boxes of these, gifted to me this year)
Country Peach Passion
Cinnamon Apple Spice

SUFFUSE TEA Green Rooibos with Mixed Berry
STASH Coconut Mango Oolong
REPUBLIC OF TEA Mint Fields (Organic) (Three tea bags in a baggie, I think.)
SPECIAL TEAS Strawberry White Tea (851) (a baggie with a bunch of cups worth)
TEA LICIOUS White Chai (a sample package with enough for a couple cups)

Itsyknits said

Id love the sugar cookie!! Check out my cupboard..

I noticed you were in the UK.. I can only ship in the US right now. I guess I should have said that in my post. I’ll edit it. Sorry!

Itsyknits said

no worries!!

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momo said
Message deleted by author.
Alana237 said

I would gladly take the Les Route Des Indes chai, the Green Rooibos Bonita and the Black Cocoa Coconut. Look in my cupboard if you are interested!

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LefTea said

I have some tea I’d like to swap (bumping my previous post – updated 1-17-12):
- Rishi Tangerine Ginger: I bought about 2 oz and made 1 cup with a teaspoon or two.
- Adagio Spearmint: 1.5 oz I believe
- Adagio Rooibos 3 oz
- Ciao Amaretto small bag
- Teavana Youthberry Orange sample
- 52Teas Pumpkin Cheesecake (made 1 or 2 pots from it, I can’t remember)
- Serene Teaz Cafe Latte 2 oz bag, made a pot or two from it

US only please.

I’m interested in trying just about anything in loose leaf form but I lean toward flavored, dessert-sounding teas, particularly black teas. I also like rooibos and chais.

Ninavampi said

I know I am super far away, but my brother is studying in the US right now. Would you be willing to send the pumpkin cheesecake to his address and I can send you something that interests you from my cupboard? Or maybe I could buy it from you and you could send it to the US address?

If it is too much of a hassle no worries, I’ll understand! : )

Hey LefTea, I have a dessert tea that you might be interested in. It is Sakura Allure from Teavana, and I’ve used about a palm-full of the 2oz bag. It has a strong cherry candy flavor, a bit tart, and is a green tea with a bamboo base (although I can’t taste the bamboo in it).

I also have Prosperous Peach Ooolong (it’s really just oolong, there’s no peach flavor) and two 2oz packages of Assam Gold Rain (black tea). Would you be interested in trading your tangerine tea?

LefTea said

Nina, I’d totally be willing to do that. It just confuses my local post office (it’s at work) when I try to ship internationally.

I’d love to try either the Thai Chai, Pancake black, or cinnamon roll honeybush, probably in that order if you’re willing.

Diana, I don’t really drink much other than herbals/rooibos and blacks so none of those sound terribly exciting to me. I can send you the youthberry orange though, that’s no problem, just message me with your address.

Ninavampi said

Yay! Thanks! I thought I had replied to this… I guess I didn’t! Please follow me so we can PM! : )

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I Have plenty Puerhs to swap with somebody who is interested in it. Just look in my cupboard and let me know if you want to try any :)

I never met a Puerh I didn’t like. There’s quite a selection there PM me let’s see if we can make a swap :)

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