Old Swap Thread!

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Does anybody have any of the new Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha from 52 teas (the vegan one)?! I’ll trade for anything in my cupboard if you’re interested!

Ninavampi said

I have a closed pouch of it from the 12 teas of Christmas! There is enough for about 2 cups in the pouch. I am more than willing to part with it. : )

What would you like to swap for? If you liked the buttered popcorn one I still have that from 12teasofchristmas. Or whatever else?

Ninavampi said

I didn’t like it… : ( Something about drinking liquid popcorn didn’t work well with me. Could I get a small amount of Guanabana or Muscat? I would love to try one of those! Please follow me so we can PM!

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ok, here’s my chance to throw my hat in the ring, am currently looking to swap some of the following, nothing wrong with them, I’m just tired of ‘em or they didn’t quite strike my fancy. Feel free to PM me if interested.

-Mighty Leaf: Aloe Serenity
-Mighty Leaf: Orchid Oolong (teabag form)
-Mighty Leaf: Bleu Peacock Oolong
-52 Teas: Coconut-Banana Cream Pie Hōjicha
-52 Teas: V.I.T. Lemon-Lime Meringue Kukicha
-52 Teas: Pina Colada Honeybush
-Lupicia: Sakurambo Vert
- TeaGschwender: Strawberry Cream
- TeaGschwender: Green Coconut
- TeasGschwender: English Breakfast
- Harney and Sons: Florence
- Teavana: Raspberry Soiree
- Teavana: Sakura Allure
- Teavana: Black Jasmine
- Verdant Tea: Orchid Oolong
- Lupicia: Caramel & Rum Roobois
- Adagio: Jasmine Chun Hao (green tea)
- Republic of Tea: Plantain Coconut Raw Bush Tea (in teabag form)
- Republic of Tea: Plantain Coconut Raw Bush Tea (in teabag form)
- Rishi: Cinnamon Plum

I’d love to try Verdant Tea’s Orchid Oolong and MIghty Leaf’s Orchid Oolong and Bleu Peacock Oolong.

Please message me if you’re interested in swapping! :) I can send you an updated list of teas that I have.

I wouldn’t mind swapping for Florence, Black Jasmine, the Caramel rum, or if you have some left after swapping with Queen the orchid from verdant or any or the 52s. Check my cupboard see if there is anything that strikes your fancy.

Alana237 said

I would love the Raspberry Soiree (Teavana), Coconut Banana Cream Pie Hojicha (52teas) and Cinnamon Plum (Rishi). Have a look in my cupboard to see if anything interests you :)

Queen – drop me a line, I can’t find you on my mail distribution list

Itsyknits said

Do you have any of the florence left? Id love some of that.

Itsyknits said

or the pina colada honeybush?

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Things I’d like to swap if anyone is interested. :) Anything from my shopping list would be much appreciated! I’m especially interested in Honeybush or oolongs.

Strawberry Seduction – Element Tea
Lemon Verbena – Upton Tea
China Zhongshan Baiye Oolong 519 – SpecialTeas
The Blanc de Cassis – SpecialTeas
Engelskuss (Angel’s Kiss) – Cafe-Contor

Tamm said

I’d be really interested in the milk oolong! I’ll look over your list and see if there’s anything I have that you’d want. I also have a lot of stuff that’s not exactly listed in my cupboard yet.

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Dravistich said

Anyone want any of my stuff? I can send a couple bags.

I want some

Dravistich said

What kinds and what will you swap it for?

PM me

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lcg842 said

Hi Everyone,

I just joined Steepster this past December. I’ve been wanting to try some blooming teas in my glass teapot. Does anyone have some blooming teas they would be willing to swap/trade?

Many Thanks! :)

Yes! I have some numi ones and some jasmine ones I got as a sample (probably 4 different ones-numi then maybe 5 jasmine ones?). I’ll give you more details in the morning but I’d be glad to trade them!

I have a few also you can have, they are the Red Bloom from Adagio.com. you can see my video for one of them on you at the site below I have 3 of them left.

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Dorothy said

I’m looking to try a bit of the Verdant’s Laoshan Northern Black Tea.

Wow that was quick!

edit: We both received our teas. :)

Meeka select said

I have some that I could send you (from the Autumn batch) – and I would love to try the Li Shan. I started following you if you want to send me your info (I am in North America).

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Anatta said

I have the Bau Mu Dan (white), Roasted Kukicha (green), and Ginger Peach (black) all from Steepster Select. My preference is Ceylon black tea and Japanese green tea, but I will trade for anything really.

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I have ~ 10 grams of saigon chai
and 20 grams each of elf help and santa’s secret
all from david’s tea
I also just bought 4.5 ounces of teavana’s phoenix mountain dan cong oolong…I like it a lot but I don’t think I need that much, so I’d be willing to part with some.

I’d be interested in trading them preferably for other offerings from david’s or something from 52teas.

Itsyknits said

I wouldnt mind the santa secret. check out my cupboard I have a few of davids and 52teas

are you really in london? i’m not sure I can ship internationally…D:

Itsyknits said

ahh ok nevermind.. yes i live in london

Emilie said

Do you still have the Elf Help? I have some David’s and some 52Teas, both in the mail to me.

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brandy3392 said
Message deleted by author.

Sent you a message.

I just followed you, follow me so I can message you :) I’d like to try blood orange and chocolate rocket and maybe a couple others, depending how much I have that you’d want to try! Cupboard is pretty up to date!

Spot52 select said

I sent you a PM.

Hi! I just followed you too! I’d love to swap with you. :)

I’d like to try the Green & Fruity if you have any left

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Anybody wish to try Adagio Blackberry? I got it from another generous Steepsterite (thanks Sunny!) But there’s something leafy about it I just don’t dig. I don’t need anything in return just wanna pass it on until it finds a good home. Probably 5+ cups left in it…

Sorry, I’ve been just checking mail updates (which tell you EVERYONE’S comments) and I didn’t know this was to me until right now! You don’t have to worry about sending anything in return; I just didn’t really like it! Unless you wanna do a full on swap for some other things in my cupboard… I’ll follow you; send me a PM either way! :)

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