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Wonks said

6 Talbott teas-
-2x Chocolate Strawberry Temptation
-2x Caramel Sundae Escape
-2x Chocolate Almond Allure

All 2.25oz sealed tins. I love these things, but already have all of these in other tins so this is a bunch of unopened tea! I went ahead and asked TeaEqualsBliss since she seems to like their stuff, but she may not want any of them so any offers are welcome.

Can I have one of the Chocolate Almond Allure? You can look through my cupboard and let me know what you’re interested in. :)

Ninavampi said

I would love to get 1 of the Caramel Sundae Escape if you are willing to ship to Ecuador. Look through my cupboard and see if there is anything that catches your eye! : )

Interested in the chocolate strawberry if you can find something in my cupboard you’re interested in! If not, no worries! :)

I would love some of the chocolate almond and the caramel. Let
Me know if you’re interested!

I have these available to swap:

1. The Tea Spot – Red Rocks (Loose)
2. Tula Teas – Four Seasons (Loose)
3. Republic of Tea – Pumpkin Ginger (Teabag)
4. Tea Forte – Cherry Cosmo (Loose, Enough for a cup)
5. Tea Forte – Kiwi Lime Ginger (Loose, Enough for a cup)
6. Tea Forte – Blueberry Merlot (Loose, Enough for a cup)
7. Harney & Sons – Vanilla Comoro (Loose)
8. American Tea Room – Choco*Late (Loose)
9. 52 Teas – Pancake Breakfast (Loose)
10. Fortnum & Mason – Royal Blend (Loose)

Dinosara said

I know people have asked about them already, but if you end up not swapping both tins of the Chocolate Almond Allure or the Caramel Sundae let me know!

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Updating my swap list! [1/23/2012]

Strawberry Seduction – Element Tea
Lemon Verbena – Upton Tea
The Blanc de Cassis – SpecialTeas
Engelskuss (Angel’s Kiss) – Cafe-Contor
Zocolatte Spice – Teavana

Interested in the fusion my morning mate if you can find something in my cupboard you’re interested in. IF not, no worries! :) or if you give me an idea what you’re looking do, I can make some suggestions as to what I have! :)

Note: I do have strawberry vanilla from lupicia and I noticed you’re into oolongs I, I have almond vanilla, grapefruit, peach from adagio and mint from butiki (I’m away from stash typing on phone at 630am so I apologize for lack of capitalizing, proper punctuation, etc!) :)

The mate is all yours! I like to throw in extras when I swap cause I have too much tea to drink it all before it goes stale, so if you can tell me your tastes, I’ll know what to include. :)
The Strawberry Vanilla sounds awesome! And I see you have Grape Oolong from Butiki in your cupboard, which is also interesting…
Follow me so we can PM.

Very interested in the white coconut creme. Send me a message if you’re interested in a swap! Thanks!

I woudn’t mind swapping for the zhongshan oolong.


I’d love to swap some Coconut Creme. :) If the latest swap list of yours if up to date, I’d love some Choco*latte (preference) and/or Honeybush Chocolate torte.

I’ll PM you.


There’s an ounce of that oolong and it’s all yours. :) I’ll PM you.

mercuryhime do you still have the engelkuss angelkiss from cafe contor? I do not have my cupboard update so if you could private message me and tell me what you like I will look through what i have.

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Does anyone have any of this tea called Vinegar Black from The Tea Farm?? is so maybe we can make a swap i would like to have a try of it before i just go and buy some, Thanks.


Uniquity said

I got a bit of that once in a mega sampler from LiberTeas – I would suggest contacting her and see if she has any left.

Thank you, Ill ask her if she has any left :)

Let me know how it is if you track it down! I’m a vinegar lover so it’s always intrigued me, but they only sell it in such huge packages!

I noticed that they sell it by i think a half pound each, i think i may buy some in febraury tho, if i do ill let ya know and i’ll send ya some of it to try out.

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brandy3392 said
Message deleted by author.

I am too! I’ve always wanted to try this tea! My updated list is on pg 10 of this thread.

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Ninavampi said

Hi everyone!
I have an almost full “Oatmeal raisin cookie” black tea from 52teas. I only used 2 tsp of it.

I am willing to trade for almost anything except Laspsang Souchong which I am not very fond of.

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Angrboda said

Dear Steepsterites.

There is a vanilla oolong from David’s Tea and a strawberry oolong from Butiki Teas, and I am mighty interested in trying them. If anybody out there are willing to share a sample with me, I would be most pleased. :)

My cupboard should be more or less up to date, so have a look if there’s anything you wish to try in return for those above.

Ninavampi said

I don’t have David’s, but I do have Adagio’s Vanilla Oolong if you are interested!

Itsyknits said

I have milky oolong from whittard of chelsea if you want some.. just to let you know!

Angrboda said

Ninavampi, I’m mostly interested in the David’s because I’ve seen it around a lot, but I’ll happily give Adagio’s a go as well. Have a look at my cupboard and see if there’s anything you would like to trade a sample for. :)

Maisonlula, it’s really the two I mentioned that I’m interested in, but thanks for the offer.

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Dinosara said

I’m looking for samples of Dong Ding oolongs if anyone has some that they would be willing to swap for. I can send samples of any tea in my cupboard, plus here’s my updated swap list (all teas loose unless otherwise noted; these are also open for any swap):

Tea Forte – Earl Grey Single Steeps (4 pouches)
ZenTea – Green/White Jasmine Lemon (most of a 2oz pouch)
Twinings – Irish Breakfast (Bagged)
Twinings – Prince of Wales (Bagged)
Twinings – English Afternoon (Bagged)
Monterey Bay Spice Co. – Orange Cinnamon Spice, Decaf

I don’t have any dong dings to swap, but I do have a zealong pure oolong and some four seasons oolong from Tula Teas if you’re interested. I also have a list on pg 10 of other teas I have to swap. I would really love to try a sample of Chocolate Almond Allure and Indian Nimbu. Feel free to message me if you’re interested in swapping. :)

Emilie said

Hey, I only have one oolong, but if anything in my cupboard interests you, and you still have these, I’m interested in trying the Winter Blend, Earl Grey St. Clements and the Rose Grey.

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Itsyknits said


I ship anywhere.. but Im in the UK.. to let you know if you don’t ship outside your country. Just reply and I’ll check out your cupboards!

1.Oriental Spice black tea – with ginger, cinnamon, vanila pieces, orange peel – The 2.Covent Garden Tea House
3.Caramel flavoured black tea – The Covent Garden Tea House
4.Rooibos infused with chai – The Covent Garden Tea House
5.Rooibos Caramel – The Covent Garden Tea House
6.Rooibos Vanilla – The Covent Garden Tea House
7.Rooibos Christmas Gingerbread – The Covent Garden Tea House
8.Black vanilla tea – The Covent Garden Tea House:
9.Green tea infused with real Jasmine – The Covent Garden Tea House:
10.Creme Caramel black tea – The Covent Garden Tea House
11.Heavenly black tea – contains sunflower, mallow blossoms, apricot and peach – The Covent Garden Tea House
12. Twinings – Orange Blossom Earl Grey
13. Twinings – Rose Garden tea – GONE
14. Twinings – Lady Grey loose leaf
15. Twinings – Vanilla, Apple and Blackberry tea
16. Twinings – Lavender Earl Grey tea – GONE
17. Twinings – Camomile & Spiced Apple
18. Twinings – Echinacea and Rasberry
19. Whittard of Chelsea – Dreamtime instant tea
20. Whittard of Chelsea – Milky Oolong
21. Whittard of Chelsea – Rhubarb & Cream black tea
22. Whittard of Chelsea – Sticky Toffee Pudding black tea
23. Whittard of Chelsea – Irish Cream black tea
24. Yumchaa – Lemon Sherbert Rooibos
25. Yumchaa – Red Christmas Rooibos
26. Yumchaa – Caramel Sweetheart black tea with white chocolate hearts & caramel pieces
27. Yogi Egyptian spices tea – GONE
28. Monterey Bay Spice Co – Orange cinnamon spice decaf
29. Market Spice Rooibos Tropical Punch
30. Neal’s Yard Remedies – Lime flowers tea – caffeine free
31. Tealish – Creamy Caramel Oolong – GONE
32. Gilly’s – Hibiscus fine cut flowers – GONE
33. 52teas – Cinnamonroll honeybush
34. 52teas – Apple vanilla spice white chai – GONE
35. DavidsTea – Creme Brulee green rooibos, – GONE
36. DavidsTea – Apres Ski organic black fruit blend
37. Art of Tea – Blueberry Cheesecake honeybush rooibos
38. Zen tea – black green exotic fruits
39. Whittard of Chelsea – Loose Jasmine
40. Adagio – Spiced apple chai – GONE
41. Adagio – Rooibos vanilla chai
42. Adagio – assam melody – GONE
43. Real Thai milk tea – bought bags of it from thailand
44. Adagio – Candy Cane black tea
45. Adagio – Rooibos Jasmine
46. Market Spice – Spicy Seattle Chai
47. Adagio – Passionfruit & black tea – GONE
48. Dr. Tea – Smores marshmellow black tea
49. Whittard of Chelsea – Apple Crumble black tea
50. Whittard of Chelsea – Summer Pudding black tea
51. Whittard of Chelsea – Dark chocolate tea
52. Whittard of Chelsea – white chocolate white tea
52. Whitard of Chelsea – Orange Blossom black tea
53. The Covent Garden Tea House – Festive Marzipan black tea
54. The Covent Garden Tea House – Chocolate Truffles black tea
55. Whittard of Chelsea – Turkish Apple instant tea
56. Whittard of Chelsea – English Rose black tea – with rose petals
57. Whittard of Chelsea – Chilli Mango black tea
58. Whittard of Chelsea – Decaf English breakfast tea
59. Whittard of Chelsea – 1886 malt blend
60. Whittard of Chelsea – Genmaicha tea
61. Whittard of Chelsea – strawberry and orange green tea
62. Whittard of Chelsea – Moroccan Mint green tea
63. Whittard of Chelsea – Cherry Blossom white tea
64. Whittard of Chelsea – Lemon and rose white tea
65. Whittard of Chelsea – Pomegranate white tea
66. Whittard of Chelsea – Blueberry Blaster Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion tea
67. Whittard of Chelsea – Strawberry Rooibos Fruit Infusion
68. Whittard of Chelsea – Very Very Berry Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
69. Whittard of Chelsea – Summer Strawberry Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
70. Whittard of Chelsea – Morning Reviver Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
80. Whittard of Chelsea – Fruit Burst Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
81. Whittard of Chelsea – Chocolate Chai Caffeine Free
82. Whittard of Chelsea – Orange & Cinnamon Rooibos Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
83. Whittard of Chelsea – Acerola Cherry Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
84. Whittard of Chelsea – Redcurrant Refresher Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
85. Whittard of Chelsea – Apple & Pomegranate Caffeine Free Fruit Infusion
86. Whittard of Chelsea – Almond Orange Rooibos Tea

I’m interested in some teas, but before I get my heart set on anything, check out my cupboard and see if there’s anything you might want! I’ll follow you so PM me if you’re interested :)

Itsyknits said


I would be interested in a few things such as number 36, 1 and 19. Please look at my cupboard and see if you would be interested in anything of mine :) Thank you.

Itsyknits said

I see you have alot of ahmad tea,, I was wondering if you have rooibos & cinnamon?

Sorry but I do not have that flavour :(
In the Ahmad tea I have the flavours
1. Jasmine Green tea,
2. English tea no 1,
3. Lemon green tea,
4. green tea,
5. lemon and lime black tea,
6. earl grey,
7. strawberry black,
8 mint tea,
9. peach and passionfruit,
10. english breakfast,
11. darjeeling,
12. apple tea,

Itsyknits said

ahh nevermind, I really only like that tea from them… and I couldn’t see anything else I wanted.

Itsyknits said

UPDATED – went a little crazy at whittard today.. but I’d love to share my teas with you.


How are you finding your Whittard tea’s? I only have their Pina Colada tea but it’s absolutely scrumptious.

Itsyknits said

It’s very delicious, I do love their instant teas… I also love their herbal and flavoured.. The smell of all the teas are so strong and amazing.

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Lindsay said

Up for grabs:

~ 45g Bamboo Shoots green tea + tin (Teafrog)
2 ripened aged pu-erh mini tuocha (Teavivre)
~ 45g Artisan Revival stone-pressed sheng (Verdant Tea)
~ 30g Wild Black Yunnan + tin (Davids Tea)
~ 15g Taiwanese Orchid Oolong

Meeka select said

I’d like to try the stone-pressed sheng – check out my cupboard to see if there is anything you would like in return. (I started following you if you want to send a PM)

i’ll swap ya something for the mini puerh, just pm and let me know :)

Lindsay said

done and done

I wouldn’t mind trading for the Wild Black and orchid. Let know.

Itsyknits said

I’d love the bamboo shoots green tea

Lindsay said

my saviour! list completed, and ill send you a pm in a bit.

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I’d really like to try some green or white darjeelings – if you have any, please let me know & perhaps there’s something in my tea cupboard you’d like to swap for.


Jillian said

I’ve got a nice green darjeeling from The Simple Leaf (which is now closed I believe) that I can swap you some if you don’t mind shipping to Canada.

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